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Ms. Drawers
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Ms. Drawers is a character in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


Ms. Drawers is friends with Mrs. Pompadour and can often be seen gossiping with her. She apparently has some spinach stuck in her teeth, which her friend regrets having not told her.[2] Ms. Drawers reports seeing a black ghost around town to the castle entrance guard, and asks him to help her find it and take a picture.[3] The same guard appears to be smitten with her, as she has seen him looking at her all day while working.[4] However, he may simply have been distracted by the spinach in her teeth.[5]

After Link lifts the curse from Princess Styla, both women come to realize that true fashion and beauty is what is on the inside.[6] If Link wears the Kinda Cursed Tights and speaks with them, they will believe him to be the black ghost haunting the town.[7][8][9][10][11][12]


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