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Mrs. Pompadour
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Item Seller (Hyrule)

Mrs. Pompadour is a character in Tri Force Heroes.[2]


Mrs. Pompadour is friends with Ms. Drawers and they can often be seen gossiping with each other. She will talk about how a black ghost has been seen in town lately,[3] as well as the Drablands Diary that is becoming popular in town,[4] among other things.[5] She also mentions she feels regret not telling her friend that she has spinach stuck in her teeth,[6] and how she finds the Faux Hero's round ears to be very odd.[7] She is also married, and her husband apparently keeps Volume 6 of the Drablands Diary under his pillow.[1]

After Link lifts Princess Styla's curse, both women come to realize that true fashion and beauty is what is on the inside.[8] If Link wears the Kinda Cursed Tights and speaks with them, they will believe him to be the black ghost haunting the town.[9][10][11][12][13][14]


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