"This year marks the twentieth year this splendid individual has worked as Windfall's school teacher. Her hobby is collecting Joy Pendants. Her goal in life is to raise unique and creative students. The most unique thing she's ever created is her own hairstyle."

Mrs. Marie is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She is the school teacher of Windfall Island, who has been teaching at Mrs. Marie's School of Joy for twenty years. She loves collecting Jewelry, especially Joy Pendants.


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Mrs. Marie is constantly trying to convert the members of the Killer Bees into unique, creative and good-mannered students. No matter how hard she tries, however, the children are still reluctant to sit in class and learn.

When Link gives her 20 Joy Pendants, she gives him the Cabana Deed as thanks. The Cabana Deed is a parchment that rewards Link ownership of the Private Oasis, a secluded, resort island that Mrs. Marie once owned. The Deed gives Link ownership of the entire island, including the Cabana on the island, and the Butler that comes with it. Receiving the Cabana Deed is a required event, as it is needed for Link to obtain a Triforce shard. When Link gives Mrs. Marie 40 Joy Pendants, she gives him the Hero's Charm, a mask that enables Link to see the life gauge of enemies. If Link keeps giving her pendants after this, she will reward him with Rupees, though she cannot be given more than 99 Joy Pendants in total (if the player attempts to give her more Pendants after reaching 99, she refuses to take them, saying that she cannot count past 99). Her inability to count past 99 is unusual, seeing that she is a teacher.

Though she is stated to be a "Mrs.", it is never revealed who her husband is. It is possible that this is just in fact a title of elderly respect, and that she had never married.

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