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Mr. Write is a character in Link's Awakening.[1][2]


Mr. Write is as a lonely letter-writer who sends countless letters to various people, but never gets any replies.[3] He lives in a house on the border of the Mysterious Woods.[4] He is part of the game's Trading Quest. Fittingly, the item Link delivers to him is a Letter from Christine, a resident of the Animal Village.[5] He gives Link a Broom in exchange, seemingly because he has nothing better to offer.[6] When the letter is delivered, it is revealed that it is a love letter, and that Christine has enclosed a photograph.[7] Although Mr. Write believes the photo to be of Christine herself, it is actually an image of Princess Peach from the Mario series.[8] This is a reference to long distance relationships, since she is lying about what she looks like and Mr. Write believes he is writing to a beautiful woman.[9]

LADX Bird Sprite.png

Mr. Write owns an orange Bird (also the color of Christine's bow) while Christine owns a green bird (also the color of Mr. Write's hair).


  • Mr. Write is based on the near-identical advisor Dr. Wright from the SNES port of SimCity, himself an avatar of SimCity and The Sims creator (and real human being) Will Wright.[10] An adaptation of his theme from that game plays in his home.[11]
    • The SNES SimCity port itself replaces the generic "disaster" event monster with Bowser, fitting neatly with the other Mario franchise references littered throughout the dream world of Link's Awakening.
  • A similar character later appeared in Oracle of Seasons, going by the pun of a name Dr. Left. The latter also a makes a returning appearance in The Minish Cap.


His name is a reference to the fact that he loves writing letters.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseDr. ライト (Dr. Raito) (LA)
Dr.ライト (Dokutā Raito) (LANS)
Dr. Wright
Doctor Right
FranceFrenchEUM. Write (LA)[12]Mr. Write
M. is short for Monsieur (Mister).
GermanyGermanDr. Wright (LA | LA | LANS)[13] 
ItalyItalianMr. Write (LANS) 
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