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Mr. Guard is a character in Tri Force Heroes.[2] He is the guard in charge of watching the Hytopia Castle entrance gate. He sometimes leaves his post to speak with the townspeople.


Mr. Guard can usually be found in front of the castle entrance gate. His duty is to guard the entrance and allow in only those who meet the King's Tri Force Hero criteria.[3] He is first seen refusing entry to the Faux Hero, as he does not meet the right requirements to join the Witch-Hunting Brigade. However he immediately lets Link inside, who does meet the King's requirements.

Mr. Guard sometimes leaves his post to speak with the other townsfolk of Hytopia, particularly the two women. He is informed by both women that a black ghost has been lurking around the area, and is asked by both to join them in finding it and snapping a photo of it.[2][4] When Ms. Drawers asks him to join her, he insists that he is too busy watching the gate to join her. However she says that she has seen him looking at her all day, implying he may be smitten with her.[5] However, he may simply have been staring at the spinach stuck in her teeth.[6][7] When Mrs. Pompadour invites him to catch the ghost, he says that he is already on a date with his best girl to find the ghost.[8] The woman seems jealous of this.[9]

After Link lifts the curse off of Princess Styla and the celebration is over, Mr. Guard can still be found in front of the castle entrance. He has been moved to tears by the Totem demonstrated by Link, King Tuft and Sir Combsly. He remains on duty even with the kingdom and princess saved.[10]


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