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Moza is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Moza is a Hylian woman who can be found near Ishto Soh Shrine in the Gerudo Highlands, where she is surrounded by Garbage Dumps. She carries a Pot Lid and a Soup Ladle, the latter of which she swings at the Cooking Pot in front of her. Inside her Cooking Pot is a burnt piece of Raw Gourmet Meat.

When Link first approaches Moza, she will be confused and ask who he is.[2] After Link expresses the same confusion, Moza introduces herself and explains she is training in isolation to complete her "ultimate dish."[3] When Link tries to ask about her smoke signal, Moza insists that he is mistaken and that she is in the middle of Cooking.[4] Upon being informed that it is burnt, Moza admits that she has failed.[5]

Moza sighs and confesses that whenever she tries to Cook, she never ends up with edible Food, but she does not know why her "ultimate recipe" is failing.[6] If Link asks Moza to teach him a recipe, she will be excited by the prospect.[7] She then describes her three recipes to Link and asks which he wants to learn.[8][9]

Moza's first recipe is her "lavish meat dish."[10] The first step is to prepare the meat, and once this is done, add Gems to the Cooking Pot.[11] When Link calls this recipe gross, Moza claims that Cooking meat with shiny Gems is the only way to create a lavish dish.[12] Moza's attempts always result in Rock-Hard Food, though she is unsure where the rockiness comes from.[13]

Moza's second recipe is her "ancient meat dish."[14] After preparing the meat, she tells Link to add an Ancient Material from a broken Guardian.[15] When Link calls the recipe gross, Moza retorts that the only way to make an ancient meat dish is to include an ingredient with historical value.[16] While she always ends up with Dubious Food, Moza does not see how her recipe could be dubious.[17]

Finally, Moza's last recipe is her "ultimate survival dish."[18] After defeating a Monster, Moza instructs Link to Cook with the Monster Parts he has harvested.[19] When Link calls the recipe gross, Moza insists that he needs to be able to eat anything so he can survive in the wild, and this sentiment was the inspiration for her dish.[20] While the result is always Dubious Food, Moza believes this is a sacrifice she needs to make in order to achieve her goal.[21] She is unable to see what is dubious about Cooking with Monster Parts.[22]

After explaining a recipe, Moza states that Cooking is complicated, since she messes up her recipes even when her ingredients are perfect.[23] If Link refuses to listen to her recipes, Moza claims that they are special.[24] When Link returns to speak to Moza, she believes he has come back to hear about her recipes.[25]


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