For the location from The Wind Waker, see Fire Mountain.
"Yes, the next temple is hidden in a mountain of fire."

The Mountain of Fire is a location from Spirit Tracks. An active volcano, it is the focal point of the Fire Realm. Due to the Mountain of Fire's recent activity, Goron Village, found near its base, is thrown into chaos. Debris and lava have blocked many routes in the village, separating many Gorons from their homes. To find out more about the volcano's sudden awakening, Link travels up the mountain path to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess. Here, he meets the Goron sage, Kagoron, who is praying to the Mountain Goddess to stop the sudden onslaught. Kagoron eventually tells Link to bring Mega Ice from Anouki Village to Goron Village so that they can rid the area of lava. When Link does this, he is granted an audience with the Goron Elder who allows Link to enter the Fire Sanctuary to meet the Lokomo sage, Embrose.

Once Link and Embrose restore the Spirit Tracks leading to the Fire Temple, the hero sets out in the Spirit Train to scale the Mountain of Fire. Near the summit, he encounters three Snurglars who have stolen the keys needed to enter the temple. After defeating the Snurglars, however, Link retrieves the keys and can successfully enter the Fire Temple.

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