"These seven students followed Melari from Minish Village to Mount Crenel. Their song is actually a sign they are full-fledged Mountain Minish now."

The Mountain Minish are a group from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. One of the three known branches of the Minish race, the Mountain Minish live on Mount Crenel. Led by the Minish Elder Melari, the Mountain Minish were once a part of the Forest Minish branch but broke away and migrated to work the mines on Mount Crenel. Having only eight members, the Mountain Minish are the smallest of the three Minish branches. This, however, seems to be a source of pride, as these Minish sing a special song to distinguish themselves from the other Minish branches.


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The Mountain Minish may be based off of the seven dwarfs from Snow White, or more specifically, the 1937 Disney film adaption. This seems possible since both are groups of diminutive creatures (the Minish being much smaller) that wear similar clothing. Also, both work in mines and sing a special song while doing so. Lastly, there are seven Mountain Minish, not including Melari (Snow White), as well as seven dwarfs.

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