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Mount Desma is a location from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Located within the Third Continent, Mount Desma is the home of the primitive Yamatami Tribe. Here, Tingle finds Desma's Labyrinth, the fifth and final dungeon in the game.

When Tingle arrives at Mount Desma, he finds that Uncle Rupee had brainwashed King Desma, the king of the Yamatami, into feeding their Rupees to the volcano. Because of this, Tingle is encouraged by King Desma's daughter, Mamba, into entering Desma's Labyrinth and slaying Dora Dora. When Tingle does this, the curse on King Desma is dispelled and he becomes overly grateful. The king orders the construction of a monument in Tingle's honor, and proclaims him to be a god to his people.

Tingle also finds the secret cave of Baron on Mount Desma. If the protagonist is accompanied by either Teddy Todo, Yamori or Ronny, he can defeat the evil deity to gain the Demon Mask.


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Mount Desma is believed by many to be Death Mountain due to the two locations' striking similarities.

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