"They say that inside the ring of rock that makes up the perimeter of that island, there lives an incredibly beautiful fairy! But the thing is, nobody's ever met her. Supposedly, the only way you'll ever meet her is to take a ride on a whirlwind and drop inside that rock perimeter from the sky about. Doesn't sound easy, fry..."

The Mother & Child Isles are a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are two islands situated upon the Great Sea within square B2. The Child Isle is a relatively small island with some bushes and a Traveling Merchant found on a raft nearby. Because of a giant rock wall surrounding the Mother Island, the interior of the island is only accessible from the air via the "Ballad of Gales". Within the interior of the Mother island itself, there is a small Fairy Fountain. It is here that Link meets the Queen of Fairies, who grants him the power to use Fire and Ice Arrows, but only after Tetra has been awoken as Princess Zelda.

The Korok Rown is located here, along with his Withered Forest Tree that Link must water with Forest Water to complete a quest for a Piece of Heart.

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