"The ways of the sword are known to many creatures, and some have strengthened their guards against shield attacks and back slices. Should you encounter such a foe, the mortal draw that I am about to teach you is most effective. There is no defense for this. The mortal draw deals death."
Hero's Shade

The Mortal Draw is a Hidden Skill from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The Mortal Draw is the most deadly Hidden Skill, but requires Link to lower his defenses. To perform the Mortal Draw, Link must begin and remain unarmed, with his shield on his back, his sword in its sheath, no target on his enemy, and remain still for a short period before use. When all those criteria are met and the enemy is within range, an A button prompt will appear and Link will place his hand on his sword. If A is pressed, Link will execute a fast spin while drawing the blade and smashing it into the enemy. If it hits the enemy, it will deal massive damage, killing most foes in a single strike.

This technique is very deadly when used in conjunction with the Master Sword; however, certain enemies, such as Darknuts, are resilient enough to survive one or more hits from the Mortal Draw. Also, the Mortal Draw will not instantly defeat most bosses and mini-bosses, dealing heavy damage to them instead. The exception is Darkhammer, who can be killed with one Mortal Draw. Enemies with shields, such as the Darknut, can block the Mortal Draw, despite the Hero's Shade claiming otherwise.

The Mortal Draw appears to be based on the iaijitsu technique of the samurai which involved the sword being drawn in a single slash.

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