"Don't ask how I get my wares, 'cause I'm not telling! If there's a rare bauble or two you're dying to get your hands on, I might know a stone who knows a stone who can get them for you...for a price!"
— Moonlight Merchant

The Moonlight Merchant is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A distinctively-colored Gossip Stone, he is a mysterious merchant residing in Skyloft's Waterfall Cave; true to his name, he only appears at night. To make him appear, Link must play the Goddess's Harp near a pack of Blessed Butterflies; however, these Butterflies appear only after Link unlocks Skyloft's Silent Realm. The Moonlight Merchant sells rare Treasures for high prices; however, he can only summon one chest containing one Treasure for each time Link enters the cave.


Item Price
Blue Bird Feather 200 Rupees
Dusk Relic 100 Rupees
Goddess Plume 200 Rupees
Golden Skull 200 Rupees
Monster Horn 100 Rupees
Evil Crystal 100 Rupees
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