"Incredible! You can sense the Moon Gates? Then perhaps you can save our village!"
— Villager

Moon Gates are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. They serve as portals between the Light World and the Dark World. Sometimes, they can be found out in the open, but they usually must be opened by using a Moon Pearl. Link can identify the exact locations of hidden Moon Gates by listening for a faint tinkling sound and watching for sparkles.

Moon Gates opened in the Light World usually have a counterpart in the Dark World found in the corresponding location. However, when Link is taken to the Dark World by a means other than a Moon Gate, he must seek out a different Moon Gate to return to the Light World.

When more than one player is playing the game, some moon gates will be color-coded to correspond to a particular Link. Only the same-colored Link can use these Moon Gates as a portal to the Dark World. These Moon Gates tend to take the color of the Link who used a Moon Pearl to open one.

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