"I was turned into this by a strange imp wearing a mask... But I'm not hiding because I look this way. When I was turned into this, I went to see the Great Fairy in the shrine near the North Gate... But on the way, my precious mask-- a wedding ceremony mask-- was stolen from me by some prancing man with a grinning face!"

The Moon's Mask and Sun's Mask are masks from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. These special ceremonial masks are crafted by two who are engaged, to bring them luck in their marriage. They are among the few masks in the game that Link cannot obtain, and appear to have no special powers, aside from their ability to merge into a Couple's Mask.


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When Anju and Kafei were children, they promised each other they would marry on the day of the carnival. Later, the two each lovingly crafted a special mask for their wedding ceremony; Kafei crafted a Sun's Mask, while Anju crafted a Moon's Mask. However, before they could exchange their masks, Kafei was cursed by the Skull Kid and became stuck in the form of a child. With his Sun Mask in hand, he walked to North Clock Town, in hopes that the Great Fairy of Magic residing there could help him. However, he was careless, and his mask was stolen by the thief, Sakon. Overcome with shame over the loss of his mask, Kafei went into hiding without telling those he loved, waiting for Sakon to appear again in order to follow him to his hideout.

On the First Day, Link is hired to find Kafei by his mother, Madame Aroma, who mistakes him for a private detective. Link uses Kafei's Mask to inquire about Kafei, and after Anju receives a letter from Kafei, she asks Link to meet her in the kitchen of the Stock Pot Inn at night. She has a reply letter, which Link mails. On the Second Day, the letter is delivered, and Kafei lets Link into the Backroom at the Laundry Pool, where he had been hiding. He tells Link about his plight and intentions to track down Sakon. On the night of the Second Day (unless Link has performed certain actions) Sakon enters the Curiosity Shop and unloads some stolen goods. Kafei sees this from the Backroom and follows him to Ikana Canyon, and on the Final Day, Link and Kafei enter Sakon's Hideout together, and evade the thief's security system to successfully retrieve the mask. Back in Clock Town, Anju and Kafei meet in the employee room of the Stock Pot Inn, where they fuse their two masks together, creating a Couple's Mask; a sign of their happiness. They give Link this mask as thanks for helping them through their troubles.

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