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Monument Shard
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Monument Shards are Objects in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

The Monument Shards were once part of the monument found in the Palmorae Ruins, but an earthquake caused it to become broken.[2] In order to read the entire monument, Garini asks Link to find the three missing shards.[3] To help Link find the Monument Shards, Garini reveals that they're carved in the same way as the monument and also glow at night.[4][5] Garini asks Link to draw a picture of the shards if he finds them.[6] He gives Link a tip that one is nearby and suggests he find it first.[7] This initiates the Shrine Quest "A Fragmented Monument."

One Monument Shard is located in the northeast corner of Palmorae Beach.[7] Another can be found among the rocks off the western coast of the beach.[8] Finally, the last Monument Shard is found at the tip of Soka Point.[9]

When Link returns to Garini, he asks if Link found any of the Monument Shards.[10] By confirming that he has, Link can show all of the pictures he's taken of the shards to Garini. With all of the pictures, Garini is able to translate the scripture written on the monuments and the shards.[11] According to Garini, the deciphered text reads, "When the two find their place and kneel in reverence, the shrine will reveal itself."[12]


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  • The Monument Shards bear a lot of resemblance to the Mirror of Twilight from Twilight Princess. While unconfirmed, it is debated whether the Monument Shards are part of the Mirror of Twilight, if they are just a replica, or if they are connected to the Mirror of Twilight at all.[13][14]

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