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Monuments are objects in Breath of the Wild.[1] They appear during The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Location and Uses

After Link has completed the four Ancient Shrines that appear on the Great Plateau as part of the Main Quest, EX The Champions' Ballad, the One-Hit Obliterator will split into four glowing orbs and scatter to different areas of Hyrule.[2] At each location, a Monument rises from the ground. One appears at the East Gerudo Mesa, another at Cuho Mountain, one at Ja'Abu Ridge, and one in the Eldin Canyon. Each of these locations is near a Divine Beast, coinciding with the respective Champion of the Region. Each Monument gives Link a Quest that coincides with a Champion. These Quests are EX Champion Urbosa's Song, EX Champion Revali's Song, EX Champion Mipha's Song, and EX Champion Daruk's Song. When Link first arrives to a Monument, he is greeted by Kass, who sings him a song that provides hints for the Region's Trials and the Quest is then started.

The four Monuments are Ancient devices that aid Link in finding the Ancient Shrines that serve as part of the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial. They are a platform with three small, equidistant pillars along the edge. On each pillar, there is a Map that reveals the location where Link can begin each of the three Trials in each Monument's Region. After a Trial is completed, an Ancient Shrine is revealed. Once Link completes all three Ancient Shrines in a Region designated by the Monument's trials, Link can go to the Region's Divine Beast to meet with Kass, engage in a rematch with the Divine Beast's Boss, and complete the Monument's Quest.



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  2. "You completed the trials of the Great Plateau! After conquering the last shrine, the One-Hit Obliterator split into four glowing orbs and scattered to different parts of Hyrule." — EX The Champions' Ballad (Breath of the Wild)