"A weird old lady living in Percy's house without his permission. She doesn't want you to turn on the lights. She might actually be a..."

The Monster Lady is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. She appears briefly after Link fuses Kinstones with Percy.


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When Percy left his house for a short while in order to visit the Happy Hearth Inn in Hyrule Town, this mysterious lady moved into his house. She keeps the home very dark, and the timid Percy does not dare order the lady to leave his house nor turn the lights on. Instead, he asks Link to do something about the situation. If Link has not obtained the Pegasus Boots yet, she will tell him that he will need to run "faster than the wind" to cross Castor Wilds. If Link uses his Flame Lantern to light the torches in the house, the Monster Lady transforms into her true shape; that of a Moblin, and tells Link not to tell anyone in exchange for one hundred Rupees. After Percy moves back into the house, he finds many Mysterious Shells in his house, and gives them to Link.

The Moblin's request not to tell and subsequent payment of Rupees may be a reference to the famous Secret Moblin from The Legend of Zelda, who give Link Rupees in exchange for keeping their current location "a secret to everybody".

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