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The Monks are a group of characters in Breath of the Wild.[2] They are ancient people who reside at the end of Ancient Shrines, awaiting the arrival of Link in order to bestow him with a Spirit Orb.


Monks are members of the Sheikah clan who are devout worshipers of the Goddess, Hylia.[1] They are gifted with Hylia's sight, and solely seek to aid Link in combating Ganon.[2] They each reside inside of their respective Ancient Shrines, which they have designed to serve as trials of Link's resolve.[3] Upon completion of their respective Shrines, they give Link a Spirit Orb and bless him in Hylia's name before disappearing, having fulfilled their purpose.[4]

Every known Monk is unique, each having their own article of clothing or jewelry. They may also have their own Mudra, often in some variant of a triangular pattern to represent the Triforce. They all follow a minimal manner of dress, and have Crests of the Sheikah tattooed upon their foreheads.

List of Monks

Note: to understand the namesakes, referring to the monks' names in Japanese is essential.

Monk Shrine Name in Japanese Namesake
Akh Va'quot Akh Va'quot Shrine
Bareeda Naag Bareeda Naag Shrine
Bosh Kala Bosh Kala Shrine ヴァシ・リャコ
Chaas Qeta Chaas Qeta Shrine Yasutaka Takeuchi
Daag Chokah Daag Chokah Shrine Chihiro Okada
Dagah Keek Dagah Keek Shrine ダ・キキー (Da Kikī)
Dah Hesho Dah Hesho Shrine Hirohito Shinoda
Dah Kaso Dah Kaso Shrine ダ・カソー (Da Kasō)
Daka Tuss Daka Tuss Shrine ダタ・クス (Data Kusu) Takuro Yasuda
Dako Tah Dako Tah Shrine Kota Wada
Daqa Koh Daqa Koh Shrine
Daqo Chisay Daqo Chisay Shrine Hisashi Sekoguchi
Dila Maag Dila Maag Shrine Mahito Idehara
Dow Na'eh Dow Na'eh Shrine Nao Ueda
Dunba Taag Dunba Taag Shrine
Etsu Korima Etsu Korima Shrine
Gee Ha'rah Gee Ha'rah Shrine
Goma Asaagh Goma Asaagh Shrine Masatoshi Ogawa
Gorae Torr Gorae Torr Shrine Masato Sekiguchi
Ha Dahamar Ha Dahamar Shrine Yuki Hamada
Hawa Koth Hawa Koth Shrine
Hia Miu Hia Miu Shrine Hiroshi Umemiya
Hila Rao Hila Rao Shrine ヒロ・ヒラ (Hiro Hira) Hiroki Hirano
Ishto Soh Ishto Soh Shrine
Ja Baij Ja Baij Shrine ジャ・バシフ (Ja Bashifu) Hidemaro Fujibayashi
Jee Noh Jee Noh Shrine
Jitan Sa'mi Jitan Sa'mi Shrine
Joloo Nah Joloo Nah Shrine
Ka'o Makagh Ka'o Makagh Shrine
Kaam Ya'tak Kaam Ya'tak Shrine ヤカー・マタ (Yakā Mata) Takashi Yamamoto
Kah Mael Kah Mael Shrine
Kah Okeo Kah Okeo Shrine
Kah Yah Kah Yah Shrine Kanae Nakayama
Kam Urog Kam Urog Shrine
Kamia Omuna Kamia Omuna Shrine
Katah Chuki Katah Chuki Shrine カタ・チュキ (Kata Chuki) Toyoki Kataoka
Katosa Aug Katosa Aug Shrine Katsuhisa Sato
Kay Noh Kay Noh Shrine
Kaya Wan Kaya Wan Shrine カヤ・ミワ (Kaya Miwa) Yuko Miyakawa
Kayra Mah Kayra Mah Shrine
Kee Dafunia Kee Dafunia Shrine
Keeha Yoog Keeha Yoog Shrine
Keh Namut Keh Namut Shrine トゥミ・ンケ (Toumi Nke) Tominaga Kentaro
Keive Tala Keive Tala Shrine
Kema Kosassa Kema Kosassa Shrine
Kema Zoos Kema Zoos Shrine Kazuya Sumaki
Keo Ruug Keo Ruug Shrine
Ketoh Wawai Ketoh Wawai Shrine Toshio Iwawaki
Ke'nai Shakah Ke'nai Shakah Shrine
Kiah Toza Kiah Toza Shrine
Kihiro Moh Kihiro Moh Shrine
Korgu Chideh Korgu Chideh Shrine
Korsh O'hu Korsh O'hu Shrine
Kuh Takkar Kuh Takkar Shrine
Kuhn Sidajj Kuhn Sidajj Shrine
Lakna Rokee Lakna Rokee Shrine
Lanno Kooh Lanno Kooh Shrine Hiroto Kurano
Maag Halan Maag Halan Shrine Nobuhiro Matsumura
Maag No'rah Maag No'rah Shrine
Mah Eliya Mah Eliya Shrine
Maka Rah Maka Rah Shrine
Monk Maz Koshia Final Trial
Mezza Lo Mezza Lo Shrine ミーズー・ヨ (Mīzū Yo)
Mijah Rokee Mijah Rokee Shrine
Mirro Shaz Mirro Shaz Shrine MitsuhiroTriforce piece.png
Misae Suma Misae Suma Shrine
Mo'a Keet Mo'a Keet Shrine
Mogg Latan Mogg Latan Shrine
Monya Toma Monya Toma Shrine
Mozo Shenno Mozo Shenno Shrine Nobuhiro Sumiyoshi
Muwo Jeem Muwo Jeem Shrine
Myahm Agana Myahm Agana Shrine
Namika Ozz Namika Ozz Shrine ナミカ・オズ (Namika Ozu)
Ne'ez Yohma Ne'ez Yohma Shrine
Noe Rajee Noe Rajee Shrine
Noya Neha Noya Neha Shrine ニア・ネア (Nia Nea)
Oman Au Oman Au Shrine マ・オーヌ (Ma Ōnu) Eiji Aonuma
Owa Daim Owa Daim Shrine ワ・モダイ (Wa Modai) Iwamoto Daiki
Pumaag Nitae Pumaag Nitae Shrine
Qaza Tokki Qaza Tokki Shrine Atsuki Nakazato
Qua Raym Qua Raym Shrine Yutaka Hiramuki
Qukah Nata Qukah Nata Shrine Yuki Tanaka
Raqa Zunzo Raqa Zunzo Shrine
Ree Dahee Ree Dahee Shrine
Rin Oyaa Rin Oyaa Shrine Erina Shimamoto
Rinu Honika Rinu Honika Shrine
Ritaag Zumo Ritaag Zumo Shrine Kazuaki Morita
Rohta Chigah Rohta Chigah Shrine
Rok Uwog Rok Uwog Shrine
Rona Kachta Rona Kachta Shrine Taro Naka
Rota Ooh Rota Ooh Shrine ルヨ・タウ (Ruyo Tau)
Rucco Maag Rucco Maag Shrine Ryota Maruko
Ruvo Korbah Ruvo Korbah Shrine
Saas Ko'sah Saas Ko'sah Shrine サス・コサ (Sasu Kosa)
Sah Dahaj Sah Dahaj Shrine
Sasa Kai Sasa Kai Shrine
Sato Koda Sato Koda Shrine
Sha Gehma Sha Gehma Shrine
Sha Warvo Sha Warvo Shrine
Shada Naw Shada Naw Shrine
Shae Katha Shae Katha Shrine
Shae Loya Shae Loya Shrine
Shae Mo'sah Shae Mo'sah Shrine Sei Hashimoto
Shai Utoh Shai Utoh Shrine
Shai Yota Shai Yota Shrine
Sharo Lun Sharo Lun Shrine
Shee Vaneer Shee Vaneer Shrine シベ・ニーロ (Shibe Nīro) Hiroko Nishibe
Shee Venath Shee Venath Shrine シベ・ニャス (Shibe Nyasu) Yasutomo Nishibe
Sheem Dagoze Sheem Dagoze Shrine
Sheh Rata Sheh Rata Shrine シェモ・ラタ (Shemo Rata)
Shira Gomar Shira Gomar Shrine
Sho Dantu Sho Dantu Shrine
Shoda Sah Shoda Sah Shrine Yoshiyuki Sawada
Shoqa Tatone Shoqa Tatone Shrine
Shora Hah Shora Hah Shrine Shogo Kihara
Soh Kofi Soh Kofi Shrine サオ・コヒ (Sao Kohi)
Suma Sahma Suma Sahma Shrine Masashi Masuoka
Tah Muhl Tah Muhl Shrine
Ta'loh Naeg Ta'loh Naeg Shrine Hiroyuki Taniwa
Tahno O'ah Tahno O'ah Shrine
Takama Shiri Takama Shiri Shrine
Tawa Jinn Tawa Jinn Shrine
Tena Ko'sah Tena Ko'sah Shrine
Tho Kayu Tho Kayu Shrine Hiroyuki Kato
To Quomo To Quomo Shrine
Toh Yahsa Toh Yahsa Shrine
Toto Sah Toto Sah Shrine Tomohisa Saito
Tu Ka'loh Tu Ka'loh Shrine
Tutsuwa Nima Tutsuwa Nima Shrine
Voo Lota Voo Lota Shrine Takuhiro Dohta
Wahgo Katta Wahgo Katta Shrine ワゴ・カタ (Wago Kata) Takumi Kawagoe
Ya Naga Ya Naga Shrine Takahiro Nagaya
Yah Rin Yah Rin Shrine
Yowaka Ita Yowaka Ita Shrine
Zalta Wa Zalta Wa Shrine Satoru Takizawa
Ze Kasho Ze Kasho Shrine Kazunori Fujii
Zuna Kai Zuna Kai Shrine Eiji Nakamura
Seven unnamed Monks Trial of the Sword


  • The Monks seem to be based on real-world Buddhist mummies, which are monks who, through their purity, succeeded in preserving their bodies through death. More specifically, they seem to be based on the Japanese act of Sokushinbutsu (即身仏), wherein monks practice austerity to the point of death and self-induced mummification. This aligns with the Monks' behavior of meditating within sealed Shrines while withering away.
  • Each of the seven Monks at the end of the Trial of the Sword have posed their arms in a way that mimics the poses of the seven Sages when they were sealing Ganon in Ocarina of Time.[5]


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