Molli is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She can be found wandering around Rito Village and provides Link with the Shrine quest "The Bird in the Mountains".

Related Shrine Quest

If Link speaks to her when she wakes up she says she is busy but if he follows her she will tell him a story. When she sits down on the landing platform overlooking the Swallow's Roost Inn she will tell him a story about the lone ceder tree on Talonto Peak which can be seen up in the Hebra Mountains from where she is perched. She says her grandpa stopped at the tree while climbing the mountain and looked northwest to see a huge snow-white birdie with its wing spread wide. Her grandpa flew towards it and saw something super important, but Molli confesses she tended to fall alseep before the important something is revealed but points out the location of the tree to Link. She also reveals when she is older she will go to the big tree and find the snow-white birdie's important thing. It should be noted the snow-white birdie mentioned in the story is not referring to White Pigeons, as it actually refers to Biron Snowshelf which looks like a huge snow-white bird with its wings spread wide from Talonto Peak.

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