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The Mogma are a race in Skyward Sword.[1] They are a civilized mole tribe that live on Eldin Volcano of the Eldin Province. They live primarily subterranean lives, and have a penchant for digging for Rupees and other treasures.[2] They are so greedy that they are willing to put their lives in danger to find treasure.[3]


The Mogma greatly resemble anthropomorphic moles. They have long snouts extending from their faces, and are covered in fur that ranges in light colors. They have muscular frames and long, sharp claws they use to dig with. Mogma also have pointed ears and most have a dark marking across their eyes. Many also have short to medium-length hair in a contrasting color to the rest of their fur, and can grow facial hair. Mogma are nearly always seen at least partially in the ground from the waist down, and very rarely emerge above ground. When they are unearthed, they are revealed to have small paws for feet, and large, fat tails.

The Mogma are especially noted to be greedy,[2] with the majority of them sharing a love for Rupees and other treasures they routinely hunt for in the rich quarries of the Eldin Volcano.[4] Their love for treasure is so great that some may even ignore the well-being of others with complete disregard.[5] Some Mogma carry rucksacks or boxes on their backs secured by straps around their shoulders, which they use to carry their findings, as is the case with Plats and his Treasure Chest rucksack filled with jewels. When they are not hunting for treasure, Mogma retire to their dwellings to relax.[6] Not all Mogma go hunting for treasure; Tubert prefers to make money by hosting a gambling game instead.[7] Despite their greed, Mogma are generally friendly and always honor those they are indebted to.[8]


The Mogma were among the five races of the Surface who joined the Goddess Hylia in the war against the evil forces of Demise. During the Sky Era, the Mogma live in the Eldin Volcano. Their leader is Guld, an elderly Mogma who hopes to soon retire and is searching for a substitute.[9]

When Link first arrives to the region, he encounters the Mogma Ledd and Cobal, who mistake him for a Bokoblin.[10] It is then that Link learns that the Mogma are fighting the Bokoblins in turf wars, who had invaded and taken over their territory.[11][12] As Link makes his way through the volcanic region in search for his friend, he learns from another Mogma, Zanc, that a mysterious character dressed in black had passed through the area.[13] Link also receives the Digging Mitts from Tyto as thanks for defeating some of the Bokoblins. Link's search takes him to the locked entrance of the Earth Temple, where he overhears from Ledd and Cobal that the monsters had broken the Temple's Key and hidden its pieces.[14] He also learns from them that the monsters had abducted his friend, Zelda, and taken her into the Temple.[15][16]

Later on, while searching for Din's Flame, a few of the Mogma go on a treasure-hunting mission led by Guld to locate a rumored treasure in the Fire Sanctuary,[17] whose key clue has been passed down through generations by the Mogma.[18] A couple of Guld's Mogma, however, were captured inside and held suspended by chains.[19][20] Link saves them and is rewarded generously for his efforts, receiving the Mogma Mitts from Silva and the dungeon Map from Bronzi. He also encounters Plats inside who, after a misunderstanding, gives Link a Piece of Heart.

Link again encounters Plats while searching for the Fire Dragon Eldin on his third visit to the region, when he is captured by the Bokoblins and loses most of his items during the volcanic eruption. Plats helps him after he snuck the Mogma Mitts off of the Bokoblins, allowing Link to escape and gradually regain his other items.[21]


  • Most Mogma are named after different types of ore,[1] with the exception of Tubert, who is named after tubers.
  • The Mogma tend to mistake Link for a Bokoblin upon first inspection; this may be based on the fact that moles in real life generally have terrible eyesight.
  • Mogma statues can be seen in "the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" in the depths. They are the first statues you see when starting the main story. You follow/use them as a reference point and directional guide.


"Mogma" may be a portmanteau of the Japanese word for mole, 土竜 (Mogura), and "magma". As their facial features somewhat resemble a dog's, their name could also be a portmanteau of "dog" and "magma".

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Japan Japanese モグマ (Moguma)
Canada FrenchCA Mogma
French Republic FrenchEU Mogma
Federal Republic of Germany German Mogma
Italian Republic Italian Mogma
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 두그마 (Dugeuma)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Moguma
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Mogma


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