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Moe is a character mentioned in The Wind Waker.[1]


Moe is the name of a Moblin who lives in the Forsaken Fortress.[1] While Maggie was held captive there, she had met Moe, who apparently liked her enough to give her many Skull Necklaces.[2] It was thanks to these gift necklaces that Maggie and her father, once she escaped from the fortress, were able to become rich overnight by selling them.[3][4] Although even with her newly found lavish lifestyle, Maggie misses Moe and grew depressed.[5][6] Since her father will not allow her to leave the property, she requests Link to send Moe her letter in her stead.[7]

While Link does not actually meet Moe, he may receive his letter to deliver to Maggie. After being kicked out of the Auction House, Ilari the postman asks Link to deliver the letter for him.[8] When Maggie reads Moe's letter, it is revealed that he likes her so much that he wants to "eat her for dinner."[9] Maggie interprets this as a wedding proposal, but decides to stay in Windfall with her father.[10][11]


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