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return {
	notes= {
		-- Notes are numbered from lowest to highest position on the scale.
		N64= {
			['A']= {position=1, file='OoT A Ocarina Icon.png'},
			['v']= {position=2, file='OoT C Down Ocarina Icon.png'},
			['>']= {position=3, file='OoT C Right Ocarina Icon.png'},
			['<']= {position=4, file='OoT C Left Ocarina Icon.png'},
			['^']= {position=5, file='OoT C Up Ocarina Icon.png'},
			G= {position=1, file='ST Green Note Icon.png'},
			W= {position=2, file='ST White Note Icon.png'},
			B= {position=3, file='ST Blue Note Icon.png'},
			O= {position=4, file='ST Orange Note Icon.png'},
			Y= {position=5, file='ST Yellow Note Icon.png'},
			P= {position=6, file='ST Purple Note Icon.png'},
			L= {position=1, file='MM3D L Button Icon.png'},
			R= {position=2, file='MM3D R Button Icon.png'},
			Y= {position=3, file='MM3D Y Button Icon.png'},
			X= {position=4, file='MM3D X Button Icon.png'},
			A= {position=5, file='MM3D A Button Icon.png'},
	relativePositions= {
		[5]= {8, 4, 0, -4, -8},
		[6]= {8, 5, 1, -1, -5, -8},