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Moblin Statues are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Stone statues carved in the likeness of Moblins, these enemies are set upon certain walls and act similarly to Beamos. Whenever Link comes within their field of vision, they fire laser beams from their eyes, burning their target for several seconds if hit. Moblin Statues are impervious to any form of attack, and the only available strategy is to dodge their attacks. It is not known whether Moblin Statues are actually living, sentient enemies or just enchanted figurines, nor is it ever explained.

Within the Forsaken Fortress, two Moblin Statues are found: one above the door to the barracks and one above the door to the ramparts. On the fiftieth floor of the Savage Labyrinth, several Moblin Statues are mounted on the walls. These varieties breathe a line of fire instead, making it so that Link cannot run from enemies by hugging the wall.

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