"This splendid horn once grew atop the head of a Moblin. It can't be used in normal food recipes, but it does have some use as an ingredient in making elixirs."
— In-game description

Moblin Horns are items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As their name implies, it is a horn that grows from the head of a Moblin. As shown by Stalmoblin, the horn is part of a Moblin's skull though interestingly Cursed Moblin do not drop them when slain as Stalmoblin and living Moblin variants do. They can be obtained by Link from defeated Moblins and Stalmoblins. It is unsuitable for normal food preparation, though can be use to create Elixirs when cooked with bugs, frogs, or lizards in a Cooking Pot.

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