"This prized ingredient can be obtained from Moblins. Its odor is too pungent for normal food preparation, but stew it with some critters to make elixirs."
— In-game description

Moblin Guts are an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As its name implies, it is an unspecified type of bodily organ acquired from slain Moblins. Link can acquire it by defeating Blue, Black, and Silver Moblins, though killing them with Ancient Arrows will obliterate them completely preventing them from dropping any monster parts. Due to it being dropped by stronger Moblin variants and its rarity it is a prized material and the most valuable Monster Part dropped by Moblins. Stalmoblin naturally lack them due to being reanimated Moblin skeletons who's flesh, muscle tissue, and body organs having long since decayed.

Link can cook it with bugs, lizards, and frogs to create Elixirs though their odor is too pungent to be used in normal food preparation thus generally produce the failed food dish Dubious Food when cooked alone or with incompatible ingredients. Due to its rarity and high value as a potion ingredient it also be sold to shops and merchants for Rupees and to Kilton at the Fang and Bone for Mon.

Moblin Guts are used by Great Fairies to upgrade Soldier's Helm, Soldier's Armor, and Soldier's Greaves.

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