"A sharp fang obtained from a Moblin. It's too hard to be reshaped into a tool, but it can be tossed into a stew with some critters to create elixirs."
— In-game description

Moblin Fangs are items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As its name implies, it is the sharp fang of obtained from a slain Moblin. Moblins retain their fangs after death and skeletonization thus continue to drop them when slain after being reanimated as Stalmoblin though interestingly Moblin skulls corrupted by Malice and reanimated as Cursed Moblin do not drop their fangs when slain. They can be found by Link from defeated Moblins and Stalmoblin.

They are too hard to be reshaped into a tool and are unsuitable for normal food preparation though if tossed into a Cooking Pot with critters such as bugs, frogs, or lizards they can create Elixirs.

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