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Moblins are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[3][4]


Moblins are among the most common enemies throughout the series, having appeared in the majority of games, and are prolific in Ganon's army. Early in the series, Moblins originally resembled anthropomorphic bulldogs, but beginning in A Link to the Past, have increasingly acquired more pig- and goblin-like features. In almost all of their appearances, Moblins are characteristically depicted as using spears or javelins as their main weapon. They are abundant in forests but also occasionally appear inside mountains and dungeons.

In the 2D Zelda games, Moblins are often depicted as common foot soldiers encountered early in the game that are relatively weak and easily defeated. In the 3D console Zelda games, Moblins are instead usually depicted as hulking, elite enemies capable of performing powerful attacks who may engage in full combat with Link, with the role of the standard grunts instead being filled by enemies such as the Bokoblins and Bulblins. These Moblins usually require more careful or precise attacks to defeat.

While Moblins have changed little aside from their visual appearance throughout the series, some variants of the standard Moblin have also appeared. These include the Club Moblin, exclusive to Ocarina of Time; the Spear and Bow Moblins, which specialize in spears and Bows, respectively; and the Shield Moblin, which carry large Shields. In Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages, both bulldog- and pig-like Moblins appear. To differentiate between the two, the pig-like Moblins in those games are known as Boarblins. The King Moblin and Great Moblin are two notable Moblins that have appeared in the series. Other related species with similar names include the Bokoblin, Miniblin, Bulblin, Big Blin, and Horriblin.

Mainline appearances[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

Main article: Red Moblin
The Legend of Zelda Manual Description
The Legend of Zelda logo
Molblin [sic]
A bulldog-like goblin who lives in the forest. He attacks by throwing spears. A little bit meaner than Octorok.
TLoZ Level-8 Entrance

Moblins near the Level-8 entrance from The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, Moblins are common enemies found throughout Hyrule. They keep to the wooded areas, such as the Lost Woods, and throw spears to attack. These spears can be blocked with the most basic Shield. Like most enemies in this game, they come in two colors - red and blue; the blue being the stronger of the two, and able to withstand more hits from attacks. When defeated, red Moblins may drop either a Heart, a Fairy or one Rupee, while blue Moblins may drop either a Heart, one Rupee, four Bombs or a Clock.[note 1]

Not all Moblins are enemies, however. Some friendly Moblins hide in secret Caves across Hyrule and give Link Rupees when spoken to, uttering the iconic phrase "It's a secret to everybody" in the process.[6]

The Adventure of Link[]

Main articles: Orange Moblin and Red Moblin
The Adventure of Link Manual Description
The Adventure of Link logo
Molblin [sic]
A little devil that lives mainly in the forest. He attacks Link by throwing spears, but he moves slowly.
TAoL Enemies Attacking Town Artwork

Moblins and a Goriya attacking a town from The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Moblins were also originally called Molblins. They appear leaner and more muscular, as opposed to their short, squat appearance in the first game. Although their master, Ganon, is deceased, they continue to serve him and patrol the overworld of Hyrule.[7] Moblins are common to the wooded areas of Hyrule, although some can be found on bridges or caves. They attack by either jabbing or throwing their spears.[8] Moblins appear in orange, red and blue, from weakest to strongest, respectively. Moblins are also capable of draining Link's Experience whenever he is attacked by one.

A Link to the Past[]

In A Link to the Past, Moblins only appear in the Dark World. This appearance marks the first occasion that they had a pig-like face, rather than that of a bulldog of previous games.[9] They patrol the grounds in a quick fashion, and throw trident spears at Link from any distance within the screen. These projectiles can easily be blocked with the Shield. Although defensively weak, they can cause up to two Hearts of damage if they come in direct contact with Link. They commonly appear alongside Taros and Hinox.

Link's Awakening[]

LANS Mysterious Woods

Moblins in the Mysterious Forest from Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch

In Link's Awakening, Moblins appear in two forms. The common forest-dwelling Moblins only appear in the Mysterious Woods and the Moblin Cave in Tal Tal Heights.[1] Moblins simply wander and throw spears to attack. Some Moblins are instead armed with Swords and Shields and are known as Sword Moblins.[10] These moblins resemble bulldogs like in the early games as opposed to Boarblins who resemble the pig moblins from A Link to the Past. They will charge after Link when they see him, like the Soldiers from A Link to the Past. Their blades are also able to parry Link's Sword. Their leader, known as the King Moblin, lives with a small horde in the Moblin Hideout. After Link clears the Tail Cave, he will find that the Moblins have captured Madam MeowMeow's BowWow.[11] The King Moblin and his personal guards will defend their prize to the death.[12]

In Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, both Moblins and Boarblins are porcine in appearance. Befitting the more porcine appearance, they are also heard emitting similar grunts to that of pigs and boars.

Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, Moblins only appear in the Sacred Forest Meadow when Link is an adult.[13] They are much bigger than their previous appearances, and retain their original bulldog-like resemblance. They patrol the hedge maze of the Forest Meadow and proceed to powerfully charge at Link with their spears whenever they see him. They can be killed by the Hookshot or Arrows, but are generally best avoided by stealth. With good timing, death by Sword is also a possibility.

A bigger and stronger variation of the Moblin, the Club Moblin, guards the entrance of the Forest Temple with a giant club.[14] This giant Moblin carries an enormous club it slams on the ground when it sees Link, causing a shock wave which can prevent forward progress.[15]

Neither type of Moblin can be Z-targeted, so Navi cannot comment on them.

Oracle of Seasons[]

OoS Moblin Red Sprite

In Oracle of Seasons, both the bulldog-like Moblins and Pig Warriors appear. They act the same as in the previous game, even coming in Sword-wielding variants, but now also come in colored varieties. Red Moblins are the most common, while the blue Moblins are rarer and stronger. In certain dungeons, red Moblins that throw Boomerangs also appear, similarly to Goriyas from previous games. Blue Moblins tend to appear during winter. A Golden Moblin also appears, which shows up after Link has spoken to an Old Man wearing a golden robe. The Moblin can be found in the Woods of Winter in the autumn. This variety is much more aggressive and far stronger than the ordinary varieties.

The Great Moblin is the boss of a gang of Pig Warriors. They operate a Keep, where the Great Moblin is fought as a miniboss. After his defeat, the Pig Warriors are driven away to the other land in a Linked Game. In Holodrum, after their defeat, they can be founded in Sunken City, forced to make innocent work by selling Bombs.

The Moblin Ring can be worn to transform Link into the appearance of a green Moblin.

Oracle of Ages[]

In Oracle of Seasons, both the bulldog-like Moblins and Pig Warriors appear. They act the same as in the previous game, even coming in Sword-wielding variants, but now also come in colored varieties. Red Moblins are the most common, while the blue Moblins are rarer and stronger. In certain dungeons, red Moblins that throw Boomerangs also appear, similarly to Goriyas from previous games. Blue Moblins often appear in the past while red ones are placed in the same region in the present.

The Great Moblin is the boss of a gang of Pig Warriors. They operate a Keep, where the Great Moblin is fought as a miniboss. After his defeat, the Pig Warriors are driven away to the other land in a Linked Game.

The Moblin Ring can be worn to transform Link into the appearance of a green Moblin.

Four Swords[]

Main articles: Spear Moblin and Bow Moblin

In Four Swords, Moblins appear in two forms: a melee spear type, and a ranged Bow type. Spear Moblins attack by charging at the Links with their spears, which can parry their Swords, whereas Bow Moblins shoot Arrows from afar. Their appearance is identical to the Moblins of The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker[]

Moblin (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Moblin Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Spoils: Skull Necklaces

These mighty enemies swing their long spears with the greatest of ease. They've knocked Link around with that attack countless times.
Tingle's Comment
Tingle says:

It's a Moblin. Be careful...He's got a long reach! Might I recommend a Tingle Bomb?


A patrolling Moblin from The Wind Waker HD

In The Wind Waker, Moblins form the core of Ganon's forces, often being deployed in considerable numbers to guard key areas under his dominion, such as the Forsaken Fortress and Hyrule Castle. Similarly to the Moblins of A Link to the Past, their appearance is distinctively more porcine-like. They are often seen patrolling Ganon's territories, such as Submarines, temples, and notably the Forsaken Fortress. Bokoblins and Miniblins often accompany them, and one Moblin in particular serves as the mini-boss of Dragon Roost Cavern. They are sometimes carried into battle on Kargarocs.[16] There are two kinds of Moblins in The Wind Waker: with blue and orange pants. The Moblins wearing blue pants appear in the Forsaken Fortress, the Earth Temple, and the Fairy Woods at night time, as well as several Submarines and Caves. This variety can take more hits and carry Lanterns which they throw at Link when they spot him, acting as a smokescreen of sorts as well as to hurt him with fire, which will get him arrested on sight, if he does not have a sword with him.[17] The Moblins with the orange pants cannot take as many hits, they only engage in fighting Link, and do not carry Lanterns.

Moblins are big and powerful, but not particularly intelligent.[17] They carry spears, which can be picked up and wielded by Link when dropped. Moblins attack by swiping, stabbing, or crushing Link with their spears, which can inflict varying amounts of damage depending on the attack. These attacks also lowers the Moblin's defense, provided if Link can find a safe opening to strike back. Moblins have immense reach with their spears, but their wide swings mean that two or more Moblins in proximity are likely to injure or even kill each other or other enemies. If disarmed, a Moblin proceeds to unleash mighty, lightning-fast punches until it gets its spear back. These attacks send Link flying as he is hit. Moblins may also punch Link in certain instances followed by a spear attack, such as when Link raises his Shield. Link, however, will not sustain any damage from this punch. Moblins are also adept at handling a frontal assault by defending with their spears, so attacking from the sides or back is recommended. If Link strikes the rear-end, the Moblin will comically cry out and briefly hop around, due to the pain inflicted in a delicate place. Notably, Moblins are afraid of explosives, and will flee in terror if Link takes out a Bomb while engaged with a Moblin. They will return to the fight once the Bomb explodes.

While infiltrating the Forsaken Fortress to find and rescue his kidnapped sister, Link will encounter Moblins patrolling the fortress and will have to avoid them, on account that he had lost his Sword and is unable to fight them. Link can sneak past the Moblins by moving past them as they are facing away, or by picking up Barrels and hiding in them when a Moblin is nearby. If Link is caught by a Moblin, he will be thrown into an empty prison cell and will have to escape and reattempt. Once Link retrieves his Sword and revisits the Forsaken Fortress, he can fight the Moblins normally. Moblins also appear to have a keen sense of smell, as they appear to be sniffing out Link as he is sneaking through Forsaken Fortress.

Valuable Skull Necklaces can be stolen by using the Grappling Hook or won as spoils by defeating Moblins,which can be sold to Dampa near the Bomb Shop, Beedle, or to Maggie's Father in the Auction House after the second Forsaken Fortress mission.[18][19]

Maggie from Windfall Island maintains a long-distance relationship with a Moblin named Moe who lives in the Forsaken Fortress.[20] They communicate through letters, and Moe indicates a disturbing "hunger" to see Maggie.[21] Maggie takes this to mean that he wants to marry her.[22] It is apparent through Maggie's actions that she is in love with him, much to her father's disapproval.[23]

The Minish Cap[]

Main articles: Spear Moblin and Bow Moblin

Both Spear and Bow Moblins appear as variants in The Minish Cap. They are identical to those in Four Swords; Spear Moblins charge at Link, while Bow Moblins shoot Arrows. Blue-colored Moblins also appear in the Dark Hyrule Castle, although their strength and resiliency is identical to the more common, brown-colored variety.

According to the Royal Hyrule Library's weekly top titles, the book "Married to the Moblin" is the top seller. However, Link cannot read the book in-game.[24]

Skyward Sword[]

Main article: Shield Moblin

Shield Moblins appear as variants in Skyward Sword. They appear as obese red monsters with grotesque features, somewhat resembling the common, smaller Bokoblin. Their jowls are also somewhat more reminiscent of a bulldog. Shield Moblins in Skyward Sword come in two varieties: a Wooden Shield variant and a Metal Shield variant. Both types carry large, square-shaped Shields they use to defend with, and are equipped with spears for offense. Their Shields are highly durable; while it is possible to destroy a Moblin's Wooden Shield, the same cannot be done against the Metal Shield variety. Along with their superb defenses, their attacking power makes them elite enemies.

A Link Between Worlds[]

In A Link Between Worlds, Moblins are directly based on those from A Link to the Past. They appear throughout Lorule as common enemies. They come in two varieties: a spear-wielding type, and an armored sword and shield type. The spear-wielding Moblins have an identical appearance to those from A Link to the Past, but with a slightly different attack strategy. These Moblins now back away and try to maintain a distance away from Link as they aim their javelins at him, identically to the Spear Soldiers of Hyrule. The sword and shield Moblins are an armored variety that carry blades, or alternately a pitchfork, and a shield. They charge directly at Link when they see him, akin to the Sword Soldiers. Their shields are able to block Link's Sword, so it is advised to attack their unprotected backsides. Both Moblin varieties act as a slightly stronger version of their Hyrulean counterparts.

Tri Force Heroes[]

Main article: Spear Throwing Moblin

Spear Throwing Moblins are a named variant in Tri Force Heroes. They are identical to the spear-wielding Moblins of A Link Between Worlds, sharing the same model, attack strategy and pattern. Spear Throwing Moblins may also sometimes appear riding Totem Armos, requiring that the Links form a Totem to reach the Moblin's height to attack. A "dark" version of this Moblin also appears in the Den of Trials.

Breath of the Wild[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

108 (110) Moblin
BotW Hyrule Compendium Moblin
This heavyweight species of monster can be found all over Hyrule. They're physically very strong, their legs alone strong enough to resist the force of a bomb blast. They're much more dangerous than Bokoblins. In fact, Moblins have been known to pick up Bokoblins and throw them as makeshift projectile weapons.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
East Necluda
Recoverable Materials
Moblin Horn Moblin Fang
BotW Blood Moon Monsters

A Moblin being revived during a Blood Moon from Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Moblins have a lankier and taller stature than of previous games, which they sustain with an exclusively carnivorous diet.[25] They often wield Moblin Clubs, which they use to bludgeon opponents, or Moblin Spears. When defeated, they may drop Moblin Fangs, Moblin Horns and Moblin Guts. If unarmed, they will sometimes pick up Bokoblins, if any are within reach, and toss them at Link. There are several variations of Moblin in the game. These include Blue Moblins, Black Moblins, Silver Moblins, Golden Moblins (only found in Master Mode), Stalmoblins and Cursed Moblins.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Moblins are enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. They are similar in appearance to the incarnations in Breath of the Wild, but have a bone-like growth appearing on their heads.

Spinoff appearances[]

Zelda (Game & Watch)[]

Zelda (Game & Watch) Manual Description
Zelda (Game & Watch) logo
The boss who lives in each of the chambers of the labyrinth. You must defeat each of them to advance to the next chamber.
Goblin Game & Watch

In Zelda (Game & Watch), Moblins are instead referred to as Goblins. A Goblin appears in each chamber (except for the boss chamber). They must be defeated to progress to the next floor. Goblins can step back out of range of Link's Sword (although they can still be hit with Sword Beams). Goblins attack by throwing their spears at Link, which can be blocked with the Shield by not attacking. Once the floor's Goblin is defeated, Link picks up whatever item was on the floor automatically, the other monsters disappear, and one or two staircases to proceed appear.

The Faces of Evil[]

Moblins are known as Moblin Spearthrowers in The Faces of Evil. They are common soldiers of Ganon's army and appear throughout the lands of Koridai. Lupay enslaves Koridians and turns them into Moblins by replacing their souls with Rupees.

The Wand of Gamelon[]

Main article: Moblin Spearthrower

Moblins are known as Moblin Spearthrowers in The Wand of Gamelon. They are common soldiers of Ganon's army and appear throughout the lands of Gamelon.

Zelda's Adventure[]

In Zelda's Adventure, Moblins appear as large ogre-like monsters carrying large spears. They are encountered in the Forest of Ogbam, Forest of Findo, Forest of Torian, and Ubato Hills. Moblins do not throw their spears when they see Zelda and instead walk in a random path. They are described as being "stupid and slow."[26] They are encountered in the Forest of Ogbam and its surrounding areas.

Hyrule Warriors series[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

Moblins appear as medium-strong enemies, closely based on the Wooden Shield Moblins and Metal Shield Moblins of Skyward Sword. Wooden Shield Moblins are simply referred to as Moblins, whereas the Metal Shield variant are called Shield Moblins. Both types are equipped with spears that they use to powerfully attack their opponents. They often try to belly flop onto their enemies, either by charging their spear and furiously spinning forward, or by simply jumping towards them. Their fall creates a small shock wave which interrupts any actions currently being done by Warriors if they are unable to dodge it. Aside from the design of Shield, the two variants are otherwise identical with little difference between them.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

Moblins are enemy captains in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and first appear in The Battle of Hyrule Field scenario. Moblins are designed after their appearance from Breath of the Wild, like many other subjects returning from said game. Moblins can wield and use various types of weapons. Moblins take several hits to defeat, and they sometimes drop a Moblin Fang, a Moblin Horn, or even a Moblin Trophy upon being defeated.

Several Moblin varieties return, including Red Moblins, Blue Moblins, Silver Moblins, Black Moblins, and Stalmoblins. The game introduces three elemental varieties of Moblins: Electric Moblins, Fire Moblins, and Ice Moblins.

In other media[]

The Legend of Zelda TV series[]

Moblins (The Missing Link)

The Moblins as seen in the animated series

In The Legend of Zelda TV series, the Moblins greatly resemble their first appearance in the original The Legend of Zelda. They are loyal to their master, Ganon, and they are always willing to follow his every command. As such, Ganon mostly resorts to using these foes to carry out his plans to steal the Triforce; unfortunately, his schemes are always ruined by the ineptitude of the Moblins, as he is always berating and punishing them for their failure.[27][28] In "The Moblins are Revolting", however, a Moblin convinces the other monsters to overthrow Ganon and form an alliance known as the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters,[29] but they realize they pose no real threat due to the disorganization within the group, and the Moblins as well as the rest of the monsters end up crawling back to Ganon.[30]

Like the rest of Ganon's minions, the Moblins are capable of speech, with the only difference being that the Moblins speak with poor grammar.[31] These foes also wield a wide variety of weapons when fighting against Link: spears, swords, boomerangs, clubs, catching nets, bows, and crossbows. Despite their impressive arsenal, the Moblins are rather clumsy and simple-minded who are always bumping and tripping over each other, and this in turn usually causes for them to defeat themselves in the process, much to Ganon's dismay.[32]

Captain N: The Game Master[]

Moblins (Captain N)

The Moblins from Captain N: The Game Master

Moblins appear in three episodes in Captain N: The Game Master, where they are first introduced in "Quest for the Potion of Power". Here, a group of Moblins raid Rauru Town in hopes of trying to find out the location of the Potion of Power and thus revive their master, Ganon.[33] After Link, Princess Zelda and Kevin defeat all of the Moblins and save a woman's son from the grasp of the Moblin leader, the woman rewards the heroes with a map that helps them on their quest of retrieving the Potion of Power before Ganon's minions get to it.[34] Although a Moblin also appears in "Once Upon a Time Machine" and "The Trojan Dragon" episodes, it only plays a minor role. In both of these episodes, Simon Belmont of the Castlevania series bumps into this foe while walking through the woods in Hyrule.[35][36] These Moblins do not seem to be as clumsy as the ones portrayed in the Zelda animated series.

The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)[]

Moblin (VC)

A Moblin in the Legend of Zelda comic

The Moblins in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics appear to be modeled after their artwork depiction in The Adventure of Link. Unlike the cartoons, these foes play a very minor role in all of the comic's issues. A Moblin makes an appearance in "Assault" with a slightly more significant role. In this story, a Moblin goes to inform Ganon that Link managed to defeat a pack of his fellow fiends to get past his outpost.[37] Ganon punishes the Moblin for failing to capture the young hero and says that only he is allowed to destroy Link.[38] They are also briefly seen in "Missing in Action", To the First Power, and Queen of Hearts.

The Crystal Trap[]

In The Crystal Trap, Moblins continue to serve under Ganon's orders and try to eliminate Princess Zelda on her quest to obtain the three items necessary to free Link from the Crystal. They always appear in groups, right behind Ganon, willing to attack as soon as the evil wizard commands them.[39] At one point in the book, if Zelda enters Madame Grusha's fortune-telling hut, she will discover that the fortune-teller is actually a Wizzrobe in disguise who commands the Moblins to attack and kill the princess. However, Zelda easily defeats both the Moblin and the Wizzrobe with the use of her Bow.

Once Link and Zelda find the Spear stuck in one of the trees of the forest, Ganon and his gang of Moblin begin to quickly approach the heroes, but with the help of Zelda's friend Greenbeard, they are able to obtain the Spear and stop the Moblin right on their path.[40] With the defeat of Ganon at the hands of Link, the Moblins disappear as well.

The Shadow Prince[]

Moblin TSP
A Moblin from The Shadow Prince
See also: Moblin Boss and Nilbom the Tailor

The Moblins in The Shadow Prince not only serve Ganon, but also a Moblin Boss who commands them to destroy Link in order to satisfy their master. These creatures play a much bigger role in this book, being capable of disguising themselves as humans and thus trick Link into thinking that they are there to help him. Both Princess Zelda and Link are first attacked by a gang of Moblins as they are walking through the woods. Although they defeat the first few monsters quite easily, Zelda runs out of Arrows for her Bow and ultimately gets knocked out by a rock thrown at her by one of the Moblins. Link goes after her but trips and tumbles to the ground, and just as he is about to be killed by a Moblin, a tall, dark man known as Charles saves him by commanding the Moblin to leave.

Later on in the book, if Link chooses to go through the Midoro Swamp on his way to the Town of Ruto, he will once again get ambushed by a group of Moblins; however, with the help of the Golden Whistle, he is able to weaken them with its high-piercing sound. One of the Moblins then offers Link a Magic Potion in exchange that the young hero stops whistling.[41]

Once Charles of Moria runs away to the Midoro Swamp with the Triforce of Wisdom in hand, Link will follow him there only to find that Charles, who is actually Ganon in disguise, has an army of Moblins that quickly surround Link. Just as the Moblins are drawing in to attack the young hero, Link uses his Sword to slash Charles's Necklace in two, thus defeating the false Morian knight. The Moblins, now with their leader gone, all suddenly scatter away into the clearing.[42]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)[]

Moblins make an appearance in the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa, being summoned by the Twinrova witches alongside some Lizalfos to try and slow Link down. Moblins also appear as minions of the Baku Tree, alongside some Wolfos, with Mido stumbling upon one after declaring himself to be the true hero.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Moblins appear as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sticker Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
SSBB Moblin Sticker Icon
The Wind Waker [Slash] - Attack +15 This sticker is only usable by Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and Toon Link

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Moblin — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Moblin Spirit Icon
SSBU Primary Spirit Icon Primary Spirit
No. 180
Team Power SSBU Neutral Type Icon Neutral | 1900 Rank ★ NOVICE Fighter(s)
Stage Skyloft (Battlefield) Theme "Overworld Theme - The Legend of Zelda" SSBU King Dedede Stock Icon 6 King Dedede Team ×4
Rule(s) Move Speed 🠇 Hazard(s)
 · The enemy favors down specials
 · The enemy has reduced move speed

Moblin — Spirit Information

SSBU Moblin Spirit Icon

No. 180
Lv. 1
Type NEUTRAL Strength 511
Rank ★ NOVICE Defense 348
Slot(s) ⎔⎔ Power 859
This Spirit has no Trait.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Moblin appears as a Spirit with no ability.

Cadence of Hyrule[]

In Cadence of Hyrule, Moblins are strong enemies that pose a threat to Cadence, Link, Yves, and Zelda, both at close range and at a distance. They carry spears, which they will throw at the heroes while moving to the beat of the music. Their beat pattern involves them moving on every other music beat, always crouching before hopping on the next beat as they make their way towards them. When they get close enough, they will pause on one beat to aim their spear, throwing it on the second beat and letting it land on the third. Once it lands, they will try to retrieve their weapon until it is either destroyed or picked up by another Moblin. After they lose their spear, they will try to attack the player head on. There are a total of four variants of Moblin, with Red Moblins, Purple Moblins, and Black Moblins being their stronger counterparts. Regardless of species, all of their spears can be picked up by the heroes at any time with the glove, and throwing it will do double the Moblin's attack damage against any enemy, but at the cost of taking two beats to land.


  • "It's a secret to everybody", the iconic quote from The Legend of Zelda, refers to both the actual player, who must keep from friends and family the secret that Rupees can be found there, and to Moblins, as giving Rupees to Link means that they have betrayed their comrades.[43]
  • According to Zelda.com, Moblins are greedy and only care about food and Rupees.[44] This is also somewhat true in the games, particularly in the Oracle games.[45][46]
  • In Encyclopedia, the Moblin image for The Legend of Zelda was instead that of a Goriya.[47]


Moblins in The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link were known as "Molblins", a more exact transliteration of their Japanese name, モリブリン (Moriburin). Moriburin is a portmanteau of  (Forest), in reference to their common habitat, and "goblin." In later titles, the initial "L" was omitted.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseモリブリン (Moriburin) (TLoZ | TAoL | ALttP | OoT | BotW)[48][49][50][51][52]Molblin. Portmanteau of 森 (mori, forest) and/or 銛 (mori, spear), and ゴブリン (goblin).
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR莫力布林 (Mòlìbùlín) (BotW)
NetherlandsDutchPijstaart (TLoZ)[53]
Moblin (BotW)[54]
CanadaFrenchCAMoblin (BotW)[55]
FranceFrenchEUMoblin (TLoZ | BotW)[56][57]
GermanyGermanMoblin (LANS | BotW | HWDE)[58]
ItalyItalianGrublin (BotW)[59]
South KoreaKorean모리블린 (Moribeullin) (BotW)
RussiaRussianМоблин (Moblin) (BotW)[60]
N/A (TLoZ)
SpainSpanishEUMoblin (BotW)[61]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMoblin (LANS | BotW)[62]
This table was generated using translation pages.
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See also[]


  1. If Link defeats 10 enemies without getting hit or teleporting with the Recorder, then the 10th enemy defeated will drop five Rupees. However, if the 10th enemy is defeated with a Bomb, then it will drop four Bombs. If Link defeats 16 enemies without getting hit or teleporting, then the 16th enemy will drop a Fairy. After the 16th enemy, Link must get hit and reset the counter to zero in order to achieve this effect again. Defeating Armos, Like Likes, Keese, or Gels will not be counted.[5]


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