Mo'a Keet Shrine

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Mo'a Keet Shrine
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The interior of Mo'a Keet Shrine
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The Mo'a Keet Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Metal Makes a Path,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Mo'a Keet Shrine is located atop a cliff to the east of the Foothill Stable.

Themes and Navigation

The Shrine consists of three floors, each connected by ramps where boulders continuously drop from a chute above and roll down, eventually falling into pits of magma at the bottom. As the boulders fall into the magma, another drops down in its place. On the first ramp rolls a stone boulder. The second floor platform has another two sets of ramps; on the left ramp rolls three boulders in a row, while on the right ramp rolls a metallic ball.

To climb the first ramp, Link must use the Stasis Rune to suspend the rolling boulder in time. He can then use a Weapon to knock the suspended boulder away. Alternately, Link can also suspend the boulder just as it falls from the chute but before it lands, allowing him to run underneath it to the second platform.

At the end of the right ramp of the second platform is a Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Broadsword. Link can use the Magnesis Rune to grab and carry the metallic ball as it falls, allowing him to easily reach the Chest. At the left ramp, the multiple boulders prevent Link from simply suspending one and knocking it away. Instead, Link must carry the metal ball using Magnesis to push the boulders away from him. Alternately, it is still possible to suspend one of the boulders as it falls from the chute with Stasis, doing so will block the other boulders from falling in that period. The left ramp leads to the Monk Mo'a Keet, who presents Link with a Spirit Orb before fading away.

In the Shrine's ceiling are four cracked blocks, concealing a Treasure Chest in a hidden recess. These blocks can be destroyed by carrying the metal ball with Magnesis and slamming it through them, or by firing Bomb Arrows at them. The Chest contains a Ruby inside.



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