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This article is about the mirror from The Shadow Prince. For the item known as the Mirror of Truth in the PAL release of Hyrule Warriors, see Lens of Truth.
Mirror of Truth
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The Mirror as seen in the book
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Reveals people's true identities[1]
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The Mirror of Truth is an item featured in the book The Shadow Prince. It is used to reveal people's true identies and plays an important role in the plot.[1]


The Mirror is first introduced after Link informs Impa that the King of Hyrule has trusted Charles with the Triforce of Wisdom and has dubbed him a Knight of Triforce.[2] With no other option, Impa tells Link that he must hold Charles up to the Mirror of Truth to see his true self.[1] Although she does not know where it is located, she says to the young hero that the Mirror was last seen in the Water Town of Saria and urges him to start looking there.[3]

Once Link arrives to Saria Town and opens its gates using the key that was given to him by the Old Man near Ruto Town, he will bump into an Old Woman with eyes clear as glass.[4] The woman tells Link that if he wants to have eyes as clear as her, he must get to a nearby tree and eat its fruit.[5] After reaching the tree, he notices a small Mirror with a thin wooden frame in one of the branches, realizing that the old woman was actually referring to the Mirror of Truth.[6]

After the king announces that Charles, and not Link, will be the one to take the Triforce of Wisdom to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule, Link furiously reminds the king of all the brave deeds he has done and claims that Charles cannot be trusted because he is evil. The king raises his hand and silences Link, saying he better have proof to back up the serious charge he has raised against Charles.[7] Link immediately takes out the Mirror of Truth to prove his point, but the king warns him that if the Mirror does not show something important, Link will be punished.[8] If the young hero promptly uses the Mirror, it will reveal that Charles is actually Ganon in disguise and will allow the reader to continue the story.[9] However, if Link hesitates to use it, Charles will knock the Mirror off his hands and shatter it, leading to Charles stealing the Triforce of Wisdom as everyone passes out from the blue smoke that filled the room.[10]


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