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This article is about the Mirror of Twilight while in fragmented form. See Mirror of Twilight for an article about its reassembled form.

Mirror Shards are objects in Twilight Princess.[1]

Location and Uses

A Mirror Shard is a piece of the Mirror of Twilight, which Zant broke so that Link and Midna could not reach the Twilight Realm. Only one Mirror Shard is intact in the Mirror of Twilight when Link first discovers it in the Mirror Chamber. The Sages reveal to Link the locations of the remaining Mirror Shards: one is "in the mountains", which is where the Snowpeak Ruins are; another is in an "ancient grove" which is actually the Temple of Time in the Sacred Grove. The last shard is "in the heavens", meaning the City in the Sky.[2] Link must retrieve all three missing Mirror Shards and head back to the Mirror Chamber to reassemble it. When the Mirror of Twilight is repaired, Link is able to enter the Twilight Realm and confront Zant.

The Mirror Shards can cause misfortune to those who happen upon them. Yeta of Snowpeak mentions that ever since Yeto found a Mirror Shard, monsters have started to appear around the Snowpeak Ruins and she has fallen sick.[3] The power of the Mirror Shards is enough to completely transform the others around them, much like how the Fused Shadows drastically changed Darbus into Fyrus. This is shown when Yeta shows Link the Mirror Shard that Yeto found: when she looks at the Mirror Shard, she mentions how beautiful it is, but shortly after its powers cause for Yeta to transform into a monster known as Blizzeta.[4]


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