Mipha, the Zora Princess

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Mipha, the Zora Princess
HWAoC Mipha, the Zora Princess.png
Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Zora's Domain
Playable Character(s) Link, Zelda, and Mipha
Mini-boss(es) Moblin

Electric Moblin Electric Wizzrobe

Ice Wizzrobe
Boss Lynel
Completion Reward(s) Mipha

Zora Helm
Victory Conditions
Locate Sidon
Rescue the injured Zora Captains
Defeat the Electric Moblin
Defeat the monsters attacking Zora's Domain!
Head for Polymus mountain!
Defeat the Lynel
Defeat Conditions
Link, Mipha, or Zelda flees
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
"Road to the Ancient Lab""Daruk, the Goron Hero"

Mipha, the Zora Princess is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


This Scenario is the first scenario of Chapter 2, although the Divine Beast scenarios can be completed in any order.

In the cutscene where Zelda asks King Dorephan, the father of Mipha, for permission to let Mipha control the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, KIng Dorephan says that it is too dangerous and refuses.

Then, the conversation is interrupted by a Zora soldier that Mipha's younger brother, Sidon has gone missing. It is also told that a horde of monsters is invading Zora's Domain.

After Mipha works with the Hylians to drive back the monsters, it is figured out from another Zora soldier that Sidon had gone to Ploymus Mountain to fight the Lynel there.

Once Mipha and the Hylians go to Ploymus Mountain and defeat the Lynel, when they see an even larger second wave of invasion, leaving them despairing. However, the diminutive Guardian than activates Vah Ruta through the Sheikah Slate.

Mipha will then be able to pilot the gigantic Vah Ruta to destroy the invaders. Once all the invaders are killed, King Dorephan gives reluctant permission to his daughter that Mipha can pilot Vah Ruta, in exchange for promising that she will come back alive.


Rescue the injured Zora Captains

This will be easy, Link and his friends only have to fight monsters. Use dodging and shielding effectively along with attacking in order to defeat the monsters. However, I would suggest splitting up, ordering the characters not being controlled to move toward the Zora Captains.

Defeat the Lynel

The Lynel will be hard to beat, I admit that. Try to make Link not attack when it is about to attack, and keep dodging when it comes running toward you and attacking you. Use the Sheikah Slate when it tells you to, and try to use the rods as much as possible. Link's Unique Attack will be useful to shoot the Lynel's head, which should make the Lynel stagger.


There are 4 Korok Seeds to be found throughout "Mipha, the Zora Princess".

There are 7 Treasure Chests to be found throughout "Mipha, the Zora Princess".

Battlefield-Specific Materials

The Materials that may appear throughout "Mipha, the Zora Princess" are Swift Violet, Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Silent Shroom, Bright-Eyed Crab, and Electric Darner.


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