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Mipha's Diary is an Object in Breath of the Wild.[1] It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Location and Uses

Mipha's Diary is a Book that was used by Mipha to document her personal thoughts. It will appear in Zora's Domain, on a table in King Dorephan's Throne Room after Link begins "EX The Champions' Ballad". The contents of the Diary tell of her affection towards Link as well as her inauguration as Champion and pilot of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

King Dorephan casually brings up Mipha's Diary at first, using it to demonstrate how Mipha fell in love with Link.[2] When asked about it, he explains that the Diary was just recently found, which brought him joy.[3] He allows Link to read it, claiming that he is sure Mipha would forgive him if he did.[4] However, if Link chooses to face Waterblight Ganon again, Mipha may yell at Link, warning him against doing so.[5] She is surprised by her sudden outburst, but still hopes Link will not read her Diary.[6]


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Quote1.png At the request of Hyrule's king, a group of outsiders came to greet us at the domain.

One of them was a Hylian child of only about four years of age. His name was Link.

He made quite a first impression. He was curious and full of energy, with a ready smile. Are all Hylian children that way?

One thing that surely sets him apart is his swordsmanship, which I hear is exceptional. He has even bested adults.

He must be somewhat reckless, however, as he was covered in bruises. Wishing to be helpful, I healed his wounds for him.

It must have been his first time seeing healing magic, as he looked up at me with big, round eyes. It was...adorable.
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png A Divine Beast was excavated from Zora's Domain. This one is called Vah Ruta.

The first time I laid eyes on Ruta, I was surprised by how cute it was. It's so big and round, with a long, awkward nose.

According to the Sheikah who found Ruta, Divine Beasts require someone worthy to control them.

It's fun to imagine someone piloting this enormous beast in the distant past. I wonder who will have the honor next.
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png Link came to visit the domain. It feels like forever since he was here last. He no longer resembles the child I first met.

He is now an accomplished knight and keeper of the sword that seals the darkness. I am so proud. However...

He hardly speaks anymore, and smiles even more rarely. He is still the kind soul I knew, but something has changed.

I asked him if something had happened, if something was wrong. He merely shook his head.

Perhaps it is his newly acquired height, but I feel he is ever looking past me, into the distance beyond...
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png The princess of Hyrule paid a special visit to the domain. She asked me if I would agree to pilot a Divine Beast.

She told me she needs my help to face the Calamity. My heart knew at once what to do. I agreed without reservation.

Calamity Ganon must not be resurrected. If he is, there is no way to ensure the safety of my people, or of anyone.

I do not know what will happen. All I know is that if there is anything I can do to help, I must try. I must protect Hyrule.

There is also that...the Divine Beasts are meant to assist the chosen hero when he faces Ganon. In this way, I can help Link.
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png Link came to visit me. It had been ages. I told him the Lynel of Ploymus Mountain has been terrorizing everyone lately.

When I said that, he started walking toward the mountain, without a word. Spellbound, I followed him there.

When we were almost there, he told me to turn back. He insisted he would be fine on his own. I stubbornly stayed.

While I argued, the Lynel attacked us from behind! I was sure we had met our end. How silly of me to doubt.

With a sure hand and a fierce gleam in his eye, Link unsheathed the sword that seals the darkness and defeated our foe.

His swordsmanship was swift and graceful. I was fascinated by the beauty of his movements.

Though I should have been terrified, I could not help but feel safe in the presence of my dear friend.

His kindness and determination to help those in need... His strength and skill... My heart is drawn to his. I am doomed...

The last beautiful move Link performed on the mountain is called a Spin Attack. Perhaps I will attempt it with my spear.
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png Father has finally given his blessing for me to pilot the Divine Beast. The threat of the Calamity can no longer be ignored.

Father said the Zora must play their part. He seemed on the brink of tears when he made me promise to return unharmed.

My eyes burned with tears as well, so I simply nodded. Seggin could hardly look at me. Muzu left partway through.

I feel awful; for putting them through this, but I must do what I can to help Link. I could never forgive myself otherwise.

Speaking of Link... I have at last finished gathering the materials for the armor. I shall start making it at once.
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png Today was the inauguration ceremony at Hyrule Castle. It was an honor to take part. However...

Honestly, I do not remember much about it, but only because something unforgettable happened afterward.

I experienced something wondrous, a beautiful moment in time I shall treasure forever.

I am grateful to the princess for agreeing to my request, and to Daruk for...um...well, for bringing me closer to Link.

Oh... I did hear something that shocked me enough to almost overshadow that happy moment.

Link has been chosen to guard the princess wherever she goes. They shall...be spending much time together...
— Mipha's Diary
Quote1.png I finally completed that special armor for Link. I am confident it will fit him perfectly.

He is coming to the domain soon. I hope to give him my gift when I see him, but...should I really go through with it?

According to the old legend, long ago a Zora princess fell in love with a Hylian swordsman. Perhaps there is hope.

This will be a rare occasion that Link is not accompanying the princess. We should have some time to ourselves.

Oh, I have an idea! At sunset I shall ride upon Ruta with Link. Zora princess of the past...please lend me your courage!
— Mipha's Diary



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