The Minish World is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Little is known about the world of the Minish, other than it is where the Minish race originated from. It is linked to Hyrule by the Minish Door, found in the Hyrule Castle Garden, that only opens once every 100 years during the Picori Festival. This doorway is only open for a short time before closing for another century. Inside the Minish Realm is the Elemental Sanctuary from where the Picori Blade and possibly the Light Force originated.


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When Vaati shatters the seal on the Bound Chest containing an army of monsters during the Picori Festival, Link is sent on a quest to defeat him. Link eventually finds the hidden gateway to the Elemental Sanctuary with the help of Ezlo. Link then fuses the Four Elements with the Picori Blade, creating the Four Sword. After the defeat of Vaati, the portal to the Minish Realm begins to close and Ezlo, who had accompanied Link on his quest, bids his friend farewell and returns to the Minish Realm as the portal closes behind him.

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