"Allow me to explain... You humans call them the "Picori," but they refer to themselves as the Minish! Strange how, in the world of humans, only this forest has kept that name... Anyhow, deep in the forest they built a tiny village, where many now live. But if we're to enter the village, we'll have to make you a touch smaller first."

The Minish Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is a village hidden within the Minish Woods and is populated by the Minish people. Most of the buildings in the Minish Village are made from things that the Hylians left behind, such as pots, boots, and a barrel.


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When Link first arrives he is unable to understand what the Minish are saying, so he talks to the only Picori that speaks the Hylian Language, Festari. Festari tells Link to go find a Jabber Nut and eat it. When Link finds a Jabber Nut in the house made from the barrel, he eats it and is then able to understand what the Minish are saying. Link goes and talks to the elder of the Forest Minish, who tells him he needs to go into Deepwood Shrine and destroy the monsters so he can get the Earth Element. Link goes back and talks to Festari, who lets him pass into the Deepwood Shrine.

After Link has obtained the Earth Element, Gentari will speak to him and tell him to go to Mount Crenel and meet Melari. He then opens a passageway in the side of his hut that will lead Link to the left side of the village, where he can obtain the Bomb Bag.

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