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Minish Door
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The Minish Door,[1] also known as the Doorway,[2], is a location in The Minish Cap. It is the magical gateway between the land of Hyrule and the Minish Realm.


When the Minish Door is open, the Minish can come and go between the two worlds as they please. This Door also yields access to the bridge between the two worlds, the sacred Elemental Sanctuary where the Picori Blade can be infused with the powers of the Four Elements. This Door, located in the Palace Courtyard of Hyrule Castle Garden, opens only once a century for a very brief time, limiting the amount of travel that can take place between the two worlds. It was through this Door that the evil Vaati first came to Hyrule, marking the coming of one of Hyrule's greatest threats second only to Ganondorf. Vaati's master, Ezlo, also journeyed through this Door in pursuit of Vaati in an attempt to stop him from acquiring the mythical Light Force and to restore himself to his original shape after Vaati stole the powerful Mage's Cap from him and turned him into a cap himself.

Minister Potho's grandmother claimed to have seen the Minish Door when she was just a child in the Courtyard of the castle, a story Potho would later pass on to Link when he came in search of the Elemental Sanctuary. Link would come through the Minish Door several times as he gathered the Four Elements and eventually recreated the Picori Blade as the legendary Four Sword. After Vaati's defeat and Ezlo's restoration to his former self, the great Minish sage bid Hyrule farewell as he returned to his homeland through the closing Minish Door.


  1. "The Minish Door opens but once in a hundred years, and it will soon close." — Ezlo (The Minish Cap)
  2. "You know, I do recall a story my grandmother once told me long ago. She said she saw a doorway appear in the palace courtyard as a child. If this door does indeed open only once a century, it may be open even now!" — Minister Potho (The Minish Cap)