Mini Freezards are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are animate clumps of ice that appear frequently in cold regions, such as Snowpeak Ruins, or in the vicinity of other ice-based enemies in Cave of Ordeals. Mini Freezards slowly slide towards Link when he approaches and freeze him upon physical contact. In contrast to their fragile appearance, Mini Freezards are quite sturdy and can often take several hits to shatter. However, they move very slowly, except on ice, and feature minimal offensive capabilities. Additionally, they completely lack the ability to mount even the smallest step, which can be effectively utilized as safe vantage points from which to strike.

While a direct approach may seem to be most effective against such an opponent, a hit from most weapons, amongst those Link's Sword, will cause very little damage and send the Mini Freezards sliding across the ground, bouncing off walls and each other. This actually serves to make them considerably more dangerous, as their faster, more erratic movements are harder to anticipate. Not surprisingly, these enemies pose a much larger threat on ice, where their speed and mobility is increased. The safest way to dispose of Mini Freezards is to use Bomb Arrows, the Ball and Chain, or the Jump Strike. While riding on the Spinner, Link can attack them with little fear of being struck and frozen himself. If they block his path forward, Link can knock them out of the way with the Clawshot.

While they are often scattered on their own in and around Snowpeak Ruins, the remains of a shattered Freezard will form a random number of Mini Freezards, usually between two to five.

Freezards from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks look physically similar to Mini Freezards.

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