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Mini-Margos are enemies in Tri Force Heroes.[2] They are a miniature form of Margoma.


Mini-Margos have a similar appearance to Margoma, in that they appear as spinning disks covered in spikes. Unlike Margoma, which is able to consciously pursue the Links, Mini-Margos are mostly limited to a set path. Some Mini-Margos move in a straight line along their path, stopping only briefly to make turns, while others are able to move in curved or circular paths. One Mini-Margo at the end of Stage 3 of the Forest Temple is not locked to any path, and instead bounces off the walls of the enclosure it is in.

As Mini-Margos are covered in spikes, they are guarded from the Links' attacks, and approaching them will result in harm. Much like the larger Margoma, Mini-Margos have an opening on their surface, which can fit a Bomb that is thrown into them. They are instantly destroyed when the Bomb inside explodes, however, any Link standing nearby can still be harmed by the explosion. Mini-Margos are most common to the Forest Temple, but are also found in Deception Castle and the Sky Temple.

In the Den of Trials, Mini-Margos appear on the second floor of the Fortified Zone. In addition to the regular enemies, stacks of Mini-Margos also appear in Totem formations. The enemies in these stacks must be defeated one at a time.


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