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Mineru is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

In the ancient past, Mineru and her brother Rauru were the last two members of the Zonai. They helped found the Kingdom of Hyrule, with Rauru being its first King along with a Hyrulean named Sonia as queen. They ruled peacefully until the Gerudo King Ganondorf arrived to swear fealty to Hyrule’s new rulers.

Thanks to the help of Link, Mineru’s Construct was rebuilt, allowing the Sage of Spirit to return the favor by allowing Link to call upon her at anytime through The Vow of Mineru.

Physical appearance[]

Mineru is a Zonai with grey skin and white hair, wearing clothing which features Zonai imagery, with an especially large neckpiece, which holds her secret stone. Her ears are exceptionally long (presumably for listening to the whispers of the gods), but not as long as Rauru’s, and is pivoted upwards. There is a third eye on her forehead that has not been seen open, but presumably opens upon a huge surge of power.

Being one of two Zonai revealed in the game, she reveals that Zonai have long slender bodies with relatively short legs, akin to the Zora and Rito in the present. She also has 5 toed human shaped feet with sharp flat toenails. She also appears to have relatively small breasts, but given they are notably larger than the all-female Gerudo, but this seems to be a stylization thing as she wears a very revealing top. It's unclear though if this is meant to give the Zonai a more beast like appearance as only the Hyrulians have normal proportions, while all other creatures are heavily stylized, but her physique is reflected in the Construct she possesses which also has very long arms and really tiny legs. Given it struggles to stabilize itself when running fast from the effects of a fan, the design evidently isn't optimized for movement.


Mineru is incredibly intelligent, empathetic, and kind hearted but has a somewhat stoic personality reflecting one who spends a lot of time on research and little time socializing. She mostly tries to research her species history and technology primarily out of sheer curiosity and has built many constructs and devices to do her bidding while she works. She is cautious about her technology being misused and appears defensive enough to even prevent Rauru from utilizing them, likely as a precaution that they could be misused since Rauru doesn't seem as interested in the technical side and the Constructs can be used as weapons. She focuses so much on her studies, that it affects her physical health as one of the stone tablets points out she would leave her dinner uneaten and cold because she's engrossed in her work, but another tablet points out that with enough persuasion, she is willing to socialize and even dance and have fun.

Mineru is extremely empathetic when it comes to life and death. She points out the fatal reaction to consuming a secret stone and self declares the act as "Forbidden" because she can't fathom the idea of one losing their soul, being the Sage of spirit. When Zelda confesses how she wishes to her stone to restore the Master Sword's power and return it to Link in the future, Mineru panicks, passionately reminding Zelda of its effects, as she just lost her brother and can't stand the thought of losing Zelda too, but after reacting to her fatal injuries, she calms down enough to accept that it is the only way to ensure peace and reluctantly accepts Zelda's wish, swearing her soul to aid her.

In the present, Mineru expresses deep remorse for everything the Zonai caused, apologizing repeatedly to Link and reacting strongly to her construct being consumed by Gloom. Even in the present though she is hard at work focusing on improving her constructs, but she feels there's a purpose to maximizing efficiency. In the very end, she accepts she's done all she can and moves on with her brother who she dearly missed, allowing her stone to go on to Purah, who's pad allowed her to aid Link, and allowing her construct to decompose, trusting the future to the heroes.


As the Sage of Spirit, Mineru has the ability to separate her Spirit from her body, which allows her to possess objects. She could use her magic to exist in the Purah Pad long after her body perished, and then using a construct to directly aid Link in combat.

Besides her abilities as the Sage of Spirit, Mineru was the greatest expert in Zonai culture, with Rauru seeking her counsel when he needed answers, acknowledging his sister as the smartest of the two. Mineru was an expert in building Zonai constructs, but she was also a scholar who knew about magic, having knowledge of forbidden spells.

Her intelligence was not just limited to the Zonai culture, as she also managed to understand the Purah Pad despite it being Sheikah technology from many years in the future. It is also implied that Mineru modified the teleportation ability of the Purah Pad so that it could connect with the Shrines of Light that Rauru created.

As a construct, Mineru is effectively immortal, and is incredibly strong and durable. While she lacks the ability to Fuse on her own, she can use anything Link Fuses to the construct's arms and back, and can wield a weapon in both hands at once. The construct can walk on both lava and Gloom without being injured or corrupted, and this protection extends to Link if he rides on her back. However, she is unable to climb or move faster than a brisk walk.


  • Trivia under review of SpoilerGoblin and additional moderators.
  • Just as the avatars of the sages wear the ancient masks if Link dons a Divine Helm, if Link wears the Zonaite Helmet, Mineru's Construct will wear it, too.
  • Even if Link saves Mineru before fighting Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Castle, she will not appear to defend him from Ganondorf's second Gloom attack.
    • Nor will this impact the quest at Kakariko Village and the discovery of the 5th sage as doing so would void the quests to remove the thunder cloud. All characters directly related to the larger story merely react with "Oh, you've already met the 5th Sage?" Similar to the Deku Tree acknowledging you already found the Master Sword if you get it before saving him from Phantom Ganon.
  • She and Zelda are the only Sages without descendants.
  • While normally muted in her expressions, she expresses strong emotion when Zelda suggests what to do with the stone to help Link, but her third eye still doesn't open when, as the sage of spirit, this likely affected her more than it would anyone else. It's possible that this is because her reaction was moreso over the thought of losing two people in quick succession, and she otherwise knew it was Zelda's only option rather than a reckless solution in a pool of safer alternatives.