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Mimo is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Mimo is found sitting cross-legged near the Korgu Chideh Shrine after the Shrine Quest on Eventide Island "Stranded on Eventide" is completed. He asks Link what he is doing all the way up there.[2] If Link answers that he is seeking adventure, Mimo says he must be drawn to heights.[3] They both have that in common, as it is only from here that Mimo can properly hear the wind.[4] Mimo wants to live free and unrestricted as the wind does.[5] Biding here and listening to the wind's voice offers a taste of that freedom.[6] Mimo asks if Link longs to be like the wind too.[7] If Link responds with all his heart, Mimo says he thinks they will be fast friends and that he has never felt such kinship with a Hylian before.[8] Link's style of wing is different than the Rito's but similar enough that he could undergo the training to become the wind.[9] If Link asks what he is training for, Mimo explains that the wind is stormy or calm by turns but always moves as it will.[10] Mimo seeks to emulate its freedom by mimicking its movements.[11] Because of this, he has devised a training program that involves flying through rings suspended in the air.[12] Mimo promises that if Link chooses to undertake this training he will find it enriching.[13] When Link expresses hesitation, Mimo says there is a gulf in their thinking on the matter and asks to be left in peace so he that may hear the wind's voice.[14] However, Mimo says it lifts his spirits to hear of Link's keen interest if he answers that he will do it.[15] Mimo requires 20 Rupees to set up a training course.[16] Once paid, he tells Link to wait here while he prepares the course for him.[17] Mimo apologizes after setting the course up as it took longer than expected and says it is ready for Link to fly whenever he is ready.[18] Mimo recommends a specific route that can be enjoyable to waft along on with its calm breeze.[19] The choice is ultimately Link's, since whatever he decides the wind will welcome him.[20] Once Link either lands on the ground before gliding through all the rings or completes the course, Mimo will come and retrieve him.[21] If Link did not complete the course, Mimo will say he appears to have overestimated the hero's skill but assures him this is nothing a little practice on his course cannot correct.[22] Successfully completing the course will cause Mimo to praise Link, who states that Link's score is unsurpassed even by the Rito.[23] Mimo rewards Link with a Silver Rupee for becoming one with the wind.[24] Achieving 50 rings or more rewards Link with a Gold Rupee as Mimo wonders if he is not a Rito in disguise.[25] Link can speak with Mimo anytime after to redo the course.


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