"There is a road to the south of town called Milk Road. This could be someone's prank... You see, the road is blocked by a huge boulder. I can't get any milk in from the ranch now, so I can't please my customers. It's terrible!"
Mr. Barten

Milk Road is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A region of Termina, it connects Romani Ranch to Termina Field.

Normally, from the Dawn of the First Day to the Dawn of the Final Day, the entrance to Romani Ranch is blocked by a boulder, presumably placed there by either the Gorman Brothers or the Skull Kid. A Carpenter is working on removing the boulder with a pick axe, and by the Final Day, he completes his duty. The boulder can be destroyed prior to the Final Day, however, with the help of a Powder Keg. Destroying it on the First Day is required in order for Link to be reunited with his horse, Epona, and to save the ranch from "Them".

There are two entrances to the Gorman Track from Milk Road. Normally one of them is blocked off by a gate but when Link accompanies Cremia in her carriage on her trip to deliver Milk to Clock Town during the Second Day, the gate will have moved so it blocks the Milk Road forcing Link and Cremia to take a detour through the Gorman Track. The gate will remain in this position for the rest of the cycle.

Tingle can be found selling the maps of Romani Ranch and the Great Bay region on Milk Road. Additionally, one of the Owl Statues can be found near the entrance to the Gorman Track. Lastly, a patch of grass where a Keaton can be found if Link wears the Keaton Mask, is found here.


Milk Road might be named after the Silk Road, an ancient trade route that linked Asia with Europe.

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