"Welcome! How about a glass of cold milk fresh from Lon Lon Ranch?"
— Milk Bar Owner

The Milk Bar Owner is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. As his name implies, the Milk Bar Owner is the proprietor of the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village.

Interestingly, in both appearance and personality, the Milk Bar Owner resembles both Talon and Talon's Termina counterpart Mr. Barten (the latter of whom he shares an occupation with), similar to how his Lorulean counterpart resembles Ingo and the Gorman Brothers.


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When Link first speaks to the Milk Bar Owner, he provides the young hero with gossip about the town. He then offers to sell Link fresh, chilled Milk.

After Link obtains the Letter in a Bottle, the Milk Bar Owner will be surprised that he knows about Premium Milk. Once Link explains that the letter is from a man on Death Mountain, he will give the young hero a glass of it in exchange for the letter and ask that he give it to the Bouldering Guy on Death Mountain, who is a regular customer.

When Link returns to the Milk Bar after delivering the Premium Milk, he thanks the young hero and offers him a half-price discount on all Milk purchases.

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