"And now, because of you, I'm going to be even richer...and I was quite rich before! The world is a cruel place, isn't it?"
— Mila's Father

Mila's Father is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


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Mila's Father was once the richest man on Windfall Island, along with his beloved daughter, Mila. They were both snobbish, and lived comfortably in the Hall of Wealth. During his rich lifestyle, Mila's Father owned eight vases which he kept at the bottom floor of his house. If Link smashes more than one of these vases, Mila's Father forces him to compensate at 10 Rupees a vase, though if he only smashes one, Link gets off with a warning. If Link refuses to pay or does not have enough Rupees, the rich man angrily kicks him out. Every night, Mila's Father allows Zunari to use the lower floor of his house to run his auctions.

As Mila has long Hylian ears, the Helmaroc King mistakes her for Princess Zelda, kidnaps her under the orders of Ganondorf, and takes her to the Forsaken Fortress. Mila's Father begins spending the majority of his Rupees on finding his beloved daughter. When Link speaks to him, the rich man begs the young hero to save Mila, which he agrees to do. After Tetra's Pirates bring Mila back from the Forsaken Fortress, they force her father to give them the rest of his wealth as a ransom fee. As a result, he has now moved out of his two story house and roams around a tree near the town entrance, effectively mirroring the transformation of Maggie's Father, and does not have the financial security that he once had. Regardless of all this, he is happy because his daughter has been returned to him. Also, he is very proud of Mila, who has became Zunari's apprentice at the Windfall Island Shop in order to earn money to support the family's crisis. However, her father becomes worried about her sneaking out at night, even though he never finds out that she attempted to rob the Windfall Island Shop.

At night, he can be found in the Cafe Bar, where he expresses optimism towards how his newfound poverty has positively affected his life, as he now does not view money as being very important anymore. If Link speaks to Mila's Father, he recalls that Link promised to rescue Mila, but did not. Apparently, as it was the pirates who returned her to her homeland, her father does not know of Link's contribution to this rescue.

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