"I've let all of my worries out of my heart. Wow! I actually feel refreshed!"
— Mila

Mila is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


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Captured Hylian Girls

(From left to right) Mila, Aryll, and Maggie imprisoned in the Forsaken Fortress

Mila is the daughter of the once wealthiest man on Windfall Island. Dressing up in luxurious dresses, as is appropriate of a girl of her standing, Mila apparently acted very callously towards those of lower social standing before she was kidnapped.

Due to her characteristic long Hylian ears, Mila was mistaken for Princess Zelda, and she was taken against her will to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King, a monstrous bird who serves Ganondorf. She is locked up in a cell along with Maggie and Aryll, until Link comes to rescue them. However, Tetra and her pirate crew deliver the girls back to their homelands.

After the pirates return her to her father, Mila finds that he has spent all his money trying to rescue her, and she is forced to give up her comfortable lifestyle. Her father could not care less and is happy to see her back; however, she now has to work as Zunari's apprentice at the Windfall Island Shop to make ends meet.

At night, she tries to break into Zunari's safe in order to steal some money, but Link eventually tracks her down and corners her. She pleads for Link to listen to her tale of woe, and eventually, she realizes her mistake and decides to make up for it by working even harder. As thanks for helping her move on with her life, she gives Link a bottle. Afterward, Mila claims that she works honestly at a faraway island at night.

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