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Miiverse Gallery
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The Miiverse Gallery is a location in Hytopia in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It allows Link to post screenshots taken of the Drablands onto the Miiverse by speaking to its owner, Photo Bro.[2]


The Miiverse Gallery opens once the Links have completed at least one Level in the Drablands. The Miiverse Gallery allows Link to post photos of Levels onto the Miiverse, taken with the Camera the Photo Bro gives him. Only one photo of a Level can be taken at a time, which is then saved to the gallery's photo album after the completion of the Level. The album can store up to 99 photos. Link can then talk to the Photo Bro to post his saved photos onto the Miiverse. He can also speak with the Photo Bro to view the photo album and delete photos.

As the Camera can only be used while in the Drablands, the Miiverse Gallery cannot be used to post screenshots of Hytopia onto the Miiverse. Instead, photos of Hytopia must be taken from the Home menu screen.



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