"This ocean-dwelling fish comes with one rude attitude. The compounds in its flesh elevate your competitive spirit when it's cooked into a dish, thus increasing your attack power."
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Mighty Porgies are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are curative items that restore Link's health by refilling one Heart Container. Link can cook with them on an open flame or a very hot surface to make Roasted Porgies which restore one heart container and half, or prepare Frozen Porgies which restore one heart container. He can throw a Mighty Porgy into a cooking pot to prepare dishes granted with a "Mighty" effect increasing attack power. They can also be cooked with "Mighty" small animals such as Bladed Rhino Beetle, and Monster parts to create Mighty Elixirs.

Mighty Porgy can also be seen hanging from fishing boat next to Mubs General Store in Lurelin Village although these cannot be collected and only appear as part of the scenery.

Mighty Porgy are the highest-level cooking ingredients in terms of increasing attack. This allows Link to cook only three of them to attain the maximum possible attack boost, saving two spaces for cooking items that give more hearts or increase duration.

Amount Hearts Effect Level Effect Duration
1 2 1 0:50
2 4 2 1:40
3 6 3 2:30
4 8 3 3:20
5 10 3 4:10


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