The Mighty Lynel Bow is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a bow wielded by Blue-Maned Lynels which Link can obtain by defeating them. It is a multi-shot bow which fires three arrows at once for one ammunition. It is the second strongest of the three Lynel-made bows.

As all blue-maned lynels (execpt the one in the First Gatehouse) are eventually replaced with white and silver maned lynels, all mighty lynel gear including the mighty lynel bow eventually become unobtainable. However via a glitch, Link can acquire the First Gatehouse's Blue-Maned Lynel's bow if he quickly presses the "Take" command as the Lynel dies and drops it spoils as the bow is normal programmed to drop when it is killed but the Gatehouse Lynel's equipment disappears quickly, however since it is dropped momentarily for a brief instant, Link can grab it before it disappears. If Link hasn't obtained said gear, then the test box will cause the Lynel's remaining equipment to not disappear.

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