Mighty Darknuts (タートナック赤 Tātonakku Aka?, Red Tart Knuckle) are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Stronger versions of regular Darknuts, they have a different appearance, with shining blood red and gold armor, some of them wearing a captain's helmet and/or a long red cape with a black tunic underneath. Mighty Darknuts have the same abilities and demonic canine appearance as normal Darknuts, though Mighty Darknuts are more powerful and take many more hits to defeat.

To damage a Mighty Darknut, Link must use a parry attack twice, once to cut off its cape and a second time to strip off its armor. Additionally, Link may use a parry attack to remove its helmet, making it possible for Link to use projectiles such as the Boomerang or the Bow and Arrows to attack it. To remove the cape more easily, Fire Arrows can be fired at any part of the Mighty Darknut. As with normal Darknuts, once a Mighty Darknut's helmet is removed, Link can use the Grappling Hook to take its Knight's Crest. If Link successfully hits a Mighty Darknut with an Ice Arrow after its armor is gone, he will have a very brief window of opportunity where he can swing the Skull Hammer sideways to kill it instantly. The easiest way to kill a Mighty Darknut is to shoot it with one Light Arrow. If being attacked by more than one Mighty Darknut, Light Arrows can be used to shoot and kill them all when they are in a single file line, regardless of if they are still wearing armor.

As noted in the Nintendo Gallery, not all Mighty Darknuts wear protective capes. These are often not considered true Mighty Darknuts due to their lack of a cape, however. Capeless Mighty Darknuts can be found in places such as the Savage Labyrinth, the Wind Temple, and the Ice Ring Isle. A Mighty Darknut's Cape not only protects the straps to its armor, but also signifies that it is a Darknut captain as well. Some Mighty Darknuts are apparently not captains, as signified by wearing regular Darknut helmets instead of the more glorified captain's helmet.

Interestingly, on the armor, cape, and shield wielded by Mighty Darknuts is found an emblem that somewhat resembles two Magtails.

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