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Miff, as she appears in the Legend of Zelda comic
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Miff is a Fairy appearing in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics published by Valiant Comics. She seems to be modeled after the fairies that appear in the original The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link, much like Spryte, and she lives in North Palace along with Link and Princess Zelda.


Miff is an outspoken fairy who sometimes accompanies Link and Zelda throughout their adventures. Despite this, she often chastises the two heroes for their tendency to act without thinking.[1][2] In To the First Power, Miff finds Zelda inside Level 1 while the princess is polishing her skills. When Zelda tells Miff that she is training under Link's guidance, an astonished Miff criticizes her and explains that Zelda cannot hope to fight through the Underworld's labyrinths using Link's way since she considers that the young hero only survives because of his "dumb luck and brute force."[1] Despite this, she continues to help Zelda make her way out of the labyrinth after they both find a bow.[3]

Later, in Day of the Triforce, Miff follows Zelda to Death Mountain after the fairy hears that the princess was determined to fight Ganon alone, fearing that Zelda might need her healing powers.[4] However, she ends up being captured by two hungry Goriyas, and it isn't until Zelda hears her screams for help that the princess saves Miff from almost being eaten.[5] Once Miff and Zelda make their way out of Death Mountain, the princess asks her to heal an injured Rus, and the fairy gladly and easily does so.[6]

Miff last appears in Assault and Choices, where she accompanies Link as he is venturing through Death Mountain to save Princess Zelda from Ganon. As the two are making their way through the Underworld, Miff continuously scolds Link for not being more careful about how he fights,[2] calling him a "maniac" and "dumb barbarian" for charging blindly at enemies and not using his head to solve puzzles.[7][8]



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