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Midoro Swamp is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Features and Overview

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, the Midoro Swamp is a mire located to the far northeast of Water Town of Saria. It is a vast swamp populated by Octoroks and Mobies. Its most famous landmark is the Midoro Palace, which takes its name from its location in this swamp. Link has to trek through the motion-impeding mire of this swamp to reach the Palace during his quest to wake the sleeping Princess Zelda. However, the young hero will walk half as fast as he is traveling through the swamp, and likewise during the battle scenes. To the north is a cave that houses a Treasure Bag worth 200 points.

Non-canon Appearances

The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)

Zelda riding through the Midoro Swamp in the comic

In the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics, Princess Zelda ventures through the Midoro Swamp with her horse Storm while she is trying to escape Hyrule with the Triforce of Wisdom in hand to keep it from Ganon's reach.[2] As a group of Daira chase her while she is trekking through the swamp, a Deeler drops from a tree and spooks Storm, causing Zelda to get thrown off her horse. The Daira then quickly surround her and attempt to take the Triforce,[3] but Link then charges in, attacking the creatures and defeating them. The pair then promptly leave the swamp after Zelda tells Link her plan on how to escape from Ganon and his minions.

The Crystal Trap

In The Crystal Trap, the Midoro Swamp is briefly mentioned when Princess Zelda reaches the Pillar Crossroads and is trying to pick which way to go, whether through the Desert, Swamp, or the Forest. The Swamp, however, is never confirmed to be the Midoro Swamp, even if Zelda chooses to go through it.[4]

The Shadow Prince

In The Shadow Prince, the Midoro Swamp is first introduced in the book when Link decides to go to the Water Town of Saria and find the Mirror of Truth. However, he begins to hesitate whether he should really take the route through Midoro Swamp since it is infested with Moblin, Octoroks, and Goriyas, and although he ordinarily wouldn't mind, he is on a mission against time.[5] If the young hero decides to go by the Midoro Swamp and not through the Ruto Town detour, his horse Cloud will come to a halt after a tree falls on their path, at which point the young hero and the horse will quickly get surrounded by a gang of Moblin.[6] Quickly, Link takes out the Golden Whistle given to him by Impa, and after he covers his horse's with his cloak, he blows he whistle, causing for a high-pitched whine to pierce through. The Moblin bent down in pain and ask him to stop, and just then Link notices a Magic Potion in one of the Moblin's belts. The beast gives him the potion in exchange that he stops whistling. Link blows the whistle one last time, causing it to shatter. Instantly, Link rides away with Cloud, leaving the Moblins behind.[7]

Later on in the book, after Charles of Moria takes the Triforce of Wisdom from the Triforce Room, Link follows Charles's tracks into the Midoro Swamp, where the final battle between Charles, who is actually Ganon in disguise, and Link takes place.[8] By slashing at necklace, the false knight will weaken and fall to his knees, who loses his power and causes Ganon to disappear into nothingness, giving Link a chance to recuperate the Triforce of Wisdom and take it back safely to the North Castle.[9]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseミドロの沼 (Midoro no Numa)[10]Same as English.
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