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Princess Midna is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][5] She is a resident of the Twilight Realm and a descendant of the ancient Twili people.[6]


Twilight Princess[]


Midna without the Fused Shadow on her head

Princess Midna is one of the Twili, a race descended from wielders of powerful and evil magic who were banished to an alternate dimension by the goddesses Din, Farore, and Nayru after an event known as the Interloper War.[6][7] This alternate dimension, out of which the sublimated descendants could only exist as shadows, eventually became known as the Twilight Realm.[8]

Prior to the events of Twilight Princess, Zant, one of the Twili, overthrew Midna from her throne and placed a curse on her, giving her the imp form that she maintains for most of the game and depriving her of the magical powers that are granted to the leader of the Twili.[3][9] Midna, already in possession of a Fused Shadow, leaves the Twilight Realm and witnesses Link as a wolf being taken away by a Shadow Beast.[10] Knowing the Twili legend that the Hero would appear as a "divine beast," Midna follows Link to his prison cell in the Castle Town Sewers and tells him that she will help him escape if Link does exactly as he is told.[11] At first, she seems to be a strange, dark creature with an agenda of her own and little regard for Link,[12] but she ends up changing her attitude towards those who are willing to help her.[13] The pair eventually exit the sewers and go to a tower in Hyrule Castle to meet with Princess Zelda, whom Midna mockingly calls "Twilight Princess" and blames for Hyrule's current state.[14]

After the meeting with Zelda, Midna reminds Link that he must still save Ilia and the rest of the Ordon children that were kidnapped, saying that she will be happy to help the young hero if he acts like her "servant."[15] Once Link finds the first Fused Shadow in the Forest Temple, Midna reveals that was the item that she was looking for, but refuses to tell Link their exact purpose or what she plans to do with them.[16] The power of the Fused Shadows can be used to destroy Zant, returning Midna and the other Twili to their true form.[17] Midna does not tell Link, however, that she wants the Fused Shadows for the benefit of herself and her world.

Upon collecting all Fused Shadows, Zant confronts Link and Midna in the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru and easily takes the Fused Shadows from them. He then tries to persuade Midna to join his side, but after she refuses, he holds her up in front of the Light Spirit Lanayru, who gravely injures Midna by overexposing her to its light. With Link now once again as a wolf and Midna nearing death, the young hero takes her to Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle.[18][19] The dying Midna, no longer caring for her sake, asks that Zelda tell Link how to break his curse since he is the only one who can defeat Zant.[20] As a last request, Midna pleads to Zelda to inform Link where he can find the Mirror of Twilight.[21] Zelda, realizing who Midna really is and touched by her consideration of the world of light despite her injuries, chooses to revive the Twili by transferring her soul to Midna's body,[22][23] disappearing in the process. After seeing the selfless acts made by Link and Zelda, Midna has a change of heart and vows to help save Hyrule from Zant.[13] The duo eventually arrive at Gerudo Desert, where Midna asks for Link's help in finding the Mirror of Twilight, their last potential link to Zant.[24]

Eventually, Midna and Link reach the Mirror Chamber and find that the Mirror of Twilight has been broken into four Mirror Shards, with only one of them remaining in the Mirror. After learning the locations of the remaining three Shards from the Sages, the pair find them and return to the Mirror Chamber to complete the Mirror, where the Sages reveal that Midna is the true Twilight Princess and ruler of the Twili race,[25] not Zelda, who had previously been defined as the Twilight Princess by Midna herself,[14] presumably to keep a cover on her identity. Zant, after usurping the throne from Midna, placed a curse on her that gave her the form she maintains for most of the game. This curse could presumably not be lifted until Ganondorf, the source of Zant's power, was defeated.[2]

TP Midna Using Fused Shadows

Midna's transformation

Once Link has defeated Zant in battle, Midna is shocked to see that her curse is not lifted, which would enable her to regain her powers. Angered, she uses only a fraction of the power that the Fused Shadows hold to destroy Zant, and is utterly bewildered by their power.[26] With the help of her ancestors' magic, Midna transforms into a giant, spider-like beast with a large pole-arm weapon to break the pyramid-shaped barrier around Hyrule Castle, allowing the duo entry into the Castle hall where Ganondorf and Zelda are located. Link, after a small confrontation between Midna and Ganondorf, successfully drives Ganondorf out of Zelda's body. However, because Ganondorf's spirit reappears, Midna chooses to sacrifice herself by using the Fused Shadows' power once again in an attempt to destroy Ganondorf. Before doing so, she warps Link and Zelda out of the Castle before she transforms into the spider-like beast, fully intent on killing Ganondorf. Outside of the Castle, Link and Zelda witness an explosion coming from Hyrule Castle, but it is soon revealed that Midna's sacrifice was in vain: shortly thereafter, Ganondorf is seen holding up the helmet part of the Fused Shadows that was Midna's trademark garment, breaking it in his hand to symbolize her defeat.

After Link, with assistance from Zelda, defeats Ganondorf once and for all, the Light Spirits revive Midna and break the curse placed on her by Ganondorf's magic, allowing Midna to regain her true form. In a comical moment when Link first sees her true form, she is amused by his silence and asks, "Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?"[27]

Before returning to the Twilight Realm, Midna bids Link and Princess Zelda farewell in the Mirror Chamber and tells them to remember that there is always another world bound to the one that currently exists.[28] She then addresses the young hero with "I... see you later." She sheds a single tear which, upon contact with the Mirror of Twilight, destroys it completely, severing the only link between the two worlds.[29] She quickly runs to the platform to be taken back to the Twilight Realm, smiling at Link as she does so, before disappearing into her world completely.

Physical Description[]


Midna's true form

Standing a head taller than Princess Zelda, Midna possesses orange hair, red eyes and a pale blueish complexion from the Twilight Realm. She wears a hooded cloak in similar design to Zant's leading some to believe that this may be some kind of royalty garb. With this, she wears a half-dress that reveals one leg bare, with a shackle, and a headdress (or crown). Her design has an "air of the Middle East" to it.[30]

Since Midna is one of the Twili, Midna is unable to withstand the light in Hyrule and, as such, hides in Link's shadow whenever he is in the Light World. After Princess Zelda sacrifices herself and transfers her light essence to Midna, she is able from then on to take her physical form even when she's not in the Twilight; however, she still chooses to hide in Link's shadow for most of the game.

Midna's function in the game is like that of Link's previous companions: she helps the player learn the controls for the game and often gives Link hints on what to do or where to go next. When Link is a Wolf, Midna will ride on top of him and be able to create an energy field to help the young hero lock on to enemies and defeat them easily, as seen in the case of Shadow Beasts. Players can choose to talk to Midna at any time by pressing the "Z" button on the GameCube controller or up on the Directional Pad on the Wii Remote. When Wolf Link is in a certain area or near a faraway platform, Midna's icon will flash, which, when pressed, will make Midna float over to that area that Wolf Link can jump to. This is especially helpful to Link since it allows him to reach otherwise inaccessible platforms. Obtaining the Shadow Crystal later on in the game will allow Midna to switch Link between human and wolf as desired.



Midna pretending to be Ilia

Throughout the course of the game, Midna portrays several abilities both in the Light and Twilight worlds. The most notable one is that she is able to warp Link through the portals of the Twilight at any given time (provided that Link can transform into a wolf without anyone noticing him).[31] She seems to do this with ease, and is capable of it with any kind of object or person: at one point, Midna warps a bridge and a giant rock from Death Mountain in order to help Link during his quest.[32] Another ability seen in the beginning of Twilight Princess is the capability of walking through walls and other objects, as witnessed when she easily disintegrates and reintegrates as she gets through Link's cell in Hyrule Castle. Moreover, she can easily change her appearance and transform into other people: Midna changes her appearance to look exactly like Ilia and Colin as she reminds Link of who else he needs to rescue.

After Link gathers a sword and a shield for Midna to use, she tries to use them, but is displeased by their power, so she vanishes them into the Twilight and keeps them for Link until they are needed. She can also hide in the light world as Link's shadow while he's in his human form.[33][34] Once he turns into Wolf Link, she can use her hair to pull switches or make a power field around her for Wolf Link to attack enemies within that range.[35][36]

These powers are just some of the many other abilities that Midna seems to possess, another being that she easily frees Wolf Link from his chain and imprisonment by simply concentrating a small ball of energy between her hands. The most important power contained within the true Twilight Princess is the ability to utterly shatter the Mirror of Twilight. Zant, the Usurper King, was only able to destroy the mirror into fragments,[37][38] and it's only Midna's true powers that can completely obliterate the Mirror.[39]


Link and Midna standing before Hyrule Castle

Upon meeting Link while he is in wolf form, Midna suggests a deal: she will help him escape from his prison if he does exactly as she says. Midna is often condescending to Link, frequently jeering at him. As they progress further on their adventure, Midna and Link grow closer. When Zant attacks both Link and Midna, she pleads for him to help himself, and carry on with their quest.[40] She admits that she initially intended to use Link as a tool to gather the Fused Shadows and crush Zant, not caring about the Light World and its destiny. However, after witnessing the heroism of both Link and Zelda, the latter having sacrificed herself to save Midna (by infusing her with her life force and thus losing her physical form), she gains respect for the people of the light, wanting to do everything in her grasp to save both worlds.[13]

From then on, Link and Midna maintain a strong friendship, and she is far less disdainful and more amiable and kind to him. Towards the end, Midna sacrifices herself as a last desperate attempt to kill Ganondorf, sending Link and Zelda to safety. She appears to be defeated, and Link mourns her death after killing Ganondorf. Shortly after the Light Spirits restore her, and with Ganondorf's power lifted, she is in her true form. Noticing Link's surprise, she jokingly says to him: "What? Say something! Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?," somewhat of a fourth-wall jab at Link being a silent protagonist.

Link, Princess Zelda and Midna return to the Mirror of Twilight, where the latter breaks it, to both Zelda and Link's surprise, seemingly sealing the worlds of Light and Twilight from each other forever, as only the true ruler of the Twilight Realm can destroy the Mirror. Shedding a single tear (which is used to destroy the Mirror), her parting words are "Link... I... See you later." However, this is not what the Japanese text literally translates to. Her last words, in Japanese, were "リンク…ま…またな…", which translates to "Link...s...see you."

When Link first meets Zelda, Midna addresses her as "Twilight Princess,"[14] and seems to be very aggressive and supercilious of her and her decision to choose Hyrule being turned to Twilight over death. Midna often mocks Zelda throughout the game.[41][42][14] It isn't until Zelda sacrifices herself, imbuing Midna with her light to save her life that she gains respect for her and the people of the light.[13]

During the final battle, Ganondorf possesses Zelda's body, and Midna tries to use her own to protect the princess. When this fails, Midna looks ready to attack Zelda, but softens and sadly places her hand on Zelda's cheek, and is attacked by Ganon's Puppet Zelda. When she awakens from the attack, Midna uses the Fused Shadows to eradicate Ganon's presence from Zelda, placing her out of harm's way. When Dark Beast Ganon is defeated, the light Zelda gave Midna is returned to her. Zelda says that her and Midna's hearts were as one briefly, and she understands Midna's suffering.[43]

When Ganondorf resurfaces later, Midna sacrifices herself to attempt to defeat him, and warps Link and Zelda outside the Castle to safety. Although it appears as if she has died, Midna is later returned to her true form after Ganon's defeat. At the Mirror of Twilight, Midna intends to leave and says that light and shadow cannot mix.[44] The true Twilight Princess says "your words are kind, and your heart is true."

The Usurper King Zant turned the Twilight Princess, Midna, into an imp to prevent her from retaking the throne and as punishment for defying him. Midna seeks nothing else than to destroy him, using Link to collect pieces of the Fused Shadows that may defeat Zant.[17] Nothing is known of Zant and Midna's previous relationship, but it is nothing but hatred when the game begins. Fans speculate that Zant and Midna both belong to the royal family, hence Zant's expectation that he would ascend to the throne.

Spinoff appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

HW Midna Render

In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, Midna appears as a playable Warrior. She uses the Shackle as her Weapon, with which she uses to conjure powerful Twilight attacks. Her fighting style is brutal and wild, often consisting of her grabbing and throwing her enemies using her hair as well as summoning Shadow Wolves to attack.[45] One of Midna's attacks transforms her into her Fused Shadow form from Twilight Princess.

In the game's Legend Mode, Cia is said to have transformed Midna into her imp form and she is now searching for Cia in order to be changed back. She is first encountered as a villain by Lana and Agitha in "Land of Twilight", having stolen Agitha's Goddess Butterfly after learning it could guide her to Cia. She is soon tracked down by Lana and defeated, conceding defeat and surrendering the butterfly. However after learning that the Hyrulean Forces are not aided with Cia, she willingly joins their cause and travels with them to the Palace of Twilight, where the era's Gate of Souls is being guarded by Zant.

When defeated in battle as an opponent, Midna may either drop a lock of her Hair as a silver Material, or her piece of Fused Shadow as a gold Material.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Midna appears as two Stickers and a Trophy. "Midna's Lament" also appears as an unlockable song which plays on the Bridge of Eldin stage.

# Trophy Significant Games Description How to unlock
196 SSBB Midna Trophy Model
Twilight Princess A mysterious masked being. Midna was a princess in the Twilight Realm who was transformed into an imp by Zant. Midna's personality is characterized by a sharp tongue and a tendency to act on whims. Midna pairs with Link to save the world. She also possesses powerful magic skills, such as the ability to warp through space. Random
Sticker Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
SSBB Midna & Wolf Link Sticker Icon
Midna & Wolf Link
Twilight Princess [Leg] - Attack +26 This sticker is only usable by Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and Toon Link
SSBB Midna Sticker Icon
Twilight Princess Dizzy Time —50 All

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Midna appears as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, she attacks opponents with her hair in its arm form. She also appears as a Trophy.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo WiiU
SSBfN3DS Midna Trophy Model SSBfWU Midna Trophy Model Twilight Princess Midna is a descendant of the Twili and comes from the Twilight World. She doesn't mind getting a bit bossy with Link, and though she offers to help him, her motives are unclear. Try to ignore her dismissive attitude—maybe she just has trouble showing her true self. Random

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Midna — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Midna Spirit Icon
SSBU Primary Spirit Icon Primary Spirit
No. 222
Team Power SSBU Grab Type Icon Grab | 9200 Rank ★★★ ACE Fighter(s)
Stage Bridge of Eldin Theme "Midna's Lament" SSBU Bayonetta Stock Icon 4 Bayonetta
Rule(s) Assist Trophy Enemies
Item: Transforming Types
 · Hostile assist trophies will appear

Midna reappears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She also appears as a Spirit and, when enhanced to Level 99, can become, Wolf Link & Midna.

My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess[]

MNPTP Midna Tutorial

Midna teaching how to play Picross

Midna appears in the in-game tutorials in My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess, where she teaches the rules to Picross puzzles and offers tips on solving them.

Whenever a puzzle is solved, Midna gives the option of posting the resulting image to Miiverse, along with an optional message or drawing from the player, which can feature Miiverse Stamps of the solved puzzles.

MNPTP Midna Sprite

The thirtieth puzzle in the Picross series and the thirty-seventh puzzle in the Mega Picross series depict Midna.


  • During development of Twilight Princess, Tetra was used as a placeholder for Midna when riding Wolf Link.[46]
  • Midna's voice clips feature English lines jumbled up and distorted, creating the gibberish heard in the game.[47]
  • When Link is in Wolf form but does not have Midna riding on his back, her shadow still appears over him. If Link is in front of anything reflective, such as the ice from Snowpeak Ruins, Midna will have no reflection.


Midna's name comes from the word "midnight." [48]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMidna
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See also[]


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